Time for Bitcoin to earn its place under the sun?

The imminent occurrence of the reward halving on the Bitcoin network is a privileged moment to look closer at a number of topics:

  • What is the real short-term and mid-term impact to be expected on the price levels caused by this sudden fresh offer shortage?
  • How did miners prepare for this event, and is this profitability shock causing a singular threat to the safety level of the network?

The halving events highlight the predictability of monetary emission in cryptocurrencies as opposed to arbitrary monetary policies conducted by central banks. We witness the very moment when a vast economic crisis triggered by a pandemic is threatening to overwhelm already over-indebted States. In the turmoil to come, the value-proposition of debased unstoppable pure cryptocurrencies whose money supply is written in code is likely to meet popular adoption flying away from fiat hyperinflation in many countries. Has the historical time come for Bitcoin & co to earn their place under the sun?

CV Labs and Cointelegraph gather leading experts out of the Top companies from the Crypto Valley to debate about the Bitcoin halving on May 7th 2020 from 16:00 to 17:00 CEST, register here.

Prof. Dr. Fabian Schär from the University of Basel will start with an introduction on, What is a Bitcoin halving?

The introduction will be followed by a panel of discussion. Leading minds on the topic will share their opinions on the tech, business and financial impact of the Bitcoin halving.

  • Dr. sc. ETH Christian Decker - Core Tech Engineer at Blockstream working on the Lightning Network and researching on scalability solutions;
  • Dr. Raffael Huber - Research Analyst at Bitcoin Suisse AG;
  • Dr. Lewin Boehnke - Head of Research at Crypto Finance AG & CTO at Crypto Storage AG;
  • Arnaud Salomon – CEO Mt. Pelerin;
  • Yves Longchamp - Head of Research at SEBA Bank AG;
  • Dr. Gorazd Ocvirk - Senior Vice President, Head of FinTech and DLT services at Sygnum Bank;
  • Alexandre Juncker - Blockchain Expert at Alpiq and author of the "Blockchain Quarterly" reports will be moderating the session.