The Mechanics of the Future team from the Insider Protocol project has been working on creating an anonymous and non-traceable cryptocurrency IPRO based on the MimbleWimble protocol, which should soon surpass the well-known Monero (XMR) and Dash. MimbleWimble is a protocol with wide scalability and increased privacy. It uses the technology of confidential transactions, encrypting all inputs and outputs, as well as their public and private keys. MimbleWimble also uses CoinJoin. The technology allows you to take payments from multiple senders and combine them into a single transaction, which makes it impossible to determine for a third party which recipient of the payment was intended.

Additionally, the Mechanics of the Future has also successfully implemented a second-tier solution for its blockchain, namely atomic swaps. It is currently working on implementing the Lightning Network protocol.

Trading bot based on high-frequency trading and positional trading methods

Insider Protocol has just started the first initial coin offering where users can not only just buy and hold the asset but also use their Bitcoin trading bot, which allows making a profit due to the high volatility of the market. 

Also, quite recently, the project team finally published test results from the BitMEX account that was connected to the trading algorithm by Option X. The trading results are amazing.

By combining several trading algorithms at once in the form of variations of high-frequency trading with aggressive trading methods, it was possible to achieve, albeit not fabulous, but quite impressive and stable results. Also, take into account that the Option X algorithm still requires constant around-the-clock monitoring from their side. No one has yet succeeded in achieving such results in automatic mode among similar projects on the internet.

Here is the trading statement by Option X algorithm from Insider Protocol project:

As you can see in the report, the money management rules and all risk management during automated trading are perfectly observed by the system. Due to the improved risk management module of the algorithm, there are no large losses, and even a series of unprofitable days in a row later slowly recovers and gains profit.

Screenshots of the trading statement report can be found on the website or Telegram channel

Wealth ban for ordinary people

Quants with many years of experience are working on all algorithms in the project. “Quants” are very experienced programmers who write the most complex techniques for high-frequency trading. Some part of the team came from Greenhouse Capital Management and Swift Trade and is still working in the banking sector, so the team knows very well not only how to counter banking and other HFT bots of the exchanges but also use them for their own purposes to make a profit. Thanks to a wide circle of communication among the same crypto enthusiasts, they are always aware of the latest news that isn’t available to the general public, which allows them to always be one step ahead. 

The layering technique was taken as a basis for HFT. The project team said that at the moment, none of the top-10 cryptocurrency exchanges has any truly effective ways to deal with the highly improved algorithms of the layering method, which the Insider Protocol project is using full throttle through the API for trading “Option X.”

A recent article on Bloomberg about the Insider Protocol describes in detail the layering technique used by the bot.

We think it is clear why the project team conducts its business anonymously, and that is why it is very successful. Success always keeps pace with those who aren’t interfered with anywhere. Money loves silence. Insider Protocol is the first and only project on the internet with a real working Bitcoin trading bot created by real quants and pro traders.

API trading platform

In addition to writing the code of the trading algorithms with a special UI, a full-fledged trading platform that could be used not only by ordinary people who aren’t familiar with the complex programming languages ​​and have no experience of successful trading but also by experienced traders and fund managers was developed.

For institutional traders, the Option X algorithm will be available on Jan. 25 for limited connections but with included deposit insurance in case of a force majeure or any problems on the exchange where the trades take place.


The rest of the detailed information and trade reports are available on the official website and on the Telegram channel.