Bitdouble has created a brand new way to gamble with bitcoin, where you deposit bitcoin and bet those coins on a game inspired by roulette that is different and more interesting than the rest.

Bitdouble's system revolves on one single roll, across the entire site that ensures results of a roll will be broadcast evenly to all players on the gambling site.

All rolls can and are checked by a provably fair system that ensures no roll is rigged and nobody has an advantage over any other player- this makes the game equally friendly to all tactics. Whether you have a small wallet or a large one, everybody has an equal opportunity to strike it rich!

  • Red 1-7 to DOUBLE your Bitcoin
  • Black 8-14 to DOUBLE your Bitcoin
  • Even Even to DOUBLE your Bitcoin
  • Odd Odd to DOUBLE your Bitcoin
  • Green 0 for FOURTEEN times your Bitcoin

Not listed clearly on the site, however, is a VIP system that rewards players based on how much they bet in total. Although it is indeed a little difficult for players with little bitcoin to reach even the first level, the system pays out well. The following lists the bonuses you recieve for betting a specific amount of bitcoin:

  • VIP 1VIP Level 1 (Bronze) >0.1 BTC - you earn .001btc
  • VIP 2VIP Level 2 (Bronze) >0.5 BTC - .005btc
  • VIP 3VIP Level 3 (Bronze) >1.5 BTC - .015btc
  • VIP 4VIP Level 4 (Bronze) >5 BTC - .05btc
  • VIP 5VIP Level 5 (Silver) >15 BTC - .150btc
  • VIP 6VIP Level 6 (Silver) >50 BTC - .5btc
  • VIP 7VIP Level 7 (gold) >150 BTC - 1.5btc
  • VIP 8VIP Level 8 (Gold) >500 BTC - 5btc
  • VIP 9VIP Level 9 (Diamond) >1500 BTC - 15btc
  • VIP 10VIP Level 10 (Diamond) >5000 BTC - 50btc

In addition, for a limited time, there will be a special reward on top of the VIP system for those who are the first to reach a certain level on the site. They are as follows:

  • First to reach VIP lvl 7: 3 BTC
  • First to reach VIP lvl 8: 10 BTC
  • First to reach VIP lvl 9: 20 BTC
  • First to reach VIP lvl 10: 30 BTC

The VIP Level 6 award was already claimed by a user by the name of FB- it's not too late to win an additional small prize, though!

There is also a smaller weekly and monthly wagering prize awarded to those who use the site often, and they are as follows:

Weekly Prize Total : 0.5BTC

  • 1st = 0.25 BTC
  • 2nd = 0.15 BTC
  • 3rd = 0.1 BTC

Monthly prize: Total: 1.5 BTC

  • 1st = 0.75 BTC
  • 2nd = 0.30 BTC
  • 3rd = 0.15 BTC
  • 4th = 0.10 BTC
  • 5th = 0.05 BTC
  • 6th = 0.05 BTC
  • 7th = 0.025 BTC
  • 8th = 0.025 BTC
  • 9th = 0.025 BTC
  • 10th = 0.025 BTC

You can always catch up or beat a player with these awards. All listed awards will be automatically credited to one's account upon reaching the reward, and it is possible to view the results of the previous week.

A smaller feature that is slightly less visible on the site is the autobettor- it allows you to automatically gamble on the site and control how much you bet when you're at it- perfect for those who want to find a winning strategy and profit off of it. The controls are standard for casinos, and there is even an option to bet on a random color on each roll!

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