The Real Estate developers with a difference use blockchain platform to ease the entry level for investor to participate in the primary real estate investment for profit.

Oct 9, 2017: BitRent, the premier blockchain platform designed for real estate is pleased to introduce the best and most efficient scheme to participate in the primary section of real estate investments. This is a solution to the unpleasant situation that has plagued so many investors, especially the real estate greenhorn investors.

A quick look into the investment cycle of the real estate industry indicates the primary section has proven to be the most profitable, but requires huge capital and high expertise to participate. BitRent with its unique approach and solution is breaking the norm in its ongoing ICO program.

“We believe that in years to come all real estate registries will run on blockchain technology,” said by the marketing manager. This will allow every person in the world to manage his or her real estate assets easily, he added. According to him, there is an opportunity to create as many functionalities as possible to improve profits even from a small real estate investment deal.

BitRent offers much more than making buying and investing in real estate properties such as homes, hotels, condos, business complex, etc. with the least affordable capital available to everyone. It offers the complete solution from monitoring construction processes to auditing the overall efficiency of a building project.

BitRent is a unique blockchain platform designed to attract residential and commercial property investors. It houses different component to make the process easier and smoother with a touch of technology. Aside from the possibility of investing with small capital at any stage during any building project stage, it offers decentralized investment records that are dully protected.

This means, there cannot be incidences of investment records alteration due to its decentralized nature. Building project Information are fully digitalized which gives participant full control of how their fund is being utilized.

Another place BitRent stands out is the use of RFID- Radio Frequency Identification technology to monitor and updates workflow during a building project. It also uses the BIM- Building information modelling approach, this enables a full digital representation of any building available to all stakeholders. All information to take the necessary decision during the project are indicated in the BIM.

BitRent has launched this September and plans to undergo different processes before the platform begins full operation. Currently, there is a countdown of the crowd sale, which will be ending by November. This is the first step to be part of the BitRent community.

During the ICO period, a total of 1,000,000,000 tokens will be issued, with 1,000,000 retained within the company. Also, 2,000,000 to be actualized during the pre-sale period, 699,000,000 will be available for purchase, while 500,000 will be released for bounty campaign and 500,000 to be released for the BitRent team.

The timeline spans a year, from the pre-sale period to the full operation of the company. The concept was launched by September, which was followed by the pre-sale phase, this is to end by November and followed with the ICO process. From ICO to monetization, this will take place from December to March 2018. The platform launching and testing will span from March to June 2018, and the full operation kick-starts October 2018.

This Project is manned by team of professionals in the building industry. From the ideation concepts to the actualization stage. Alexander Kucheravy is on board with the team, an Architect with more than a decade in the field developing efficient building systems.

Also part of the team is Sergey Valuy who will be bringing his technical know-how. A software geek with an over a decade in the industry, he is also keen on ascertaining risks to produce the best fit of quality for product use.

Also in-line, is Anna Melnychuk. An HR expert with solid experience in customer management, she is also into working with blockchain startups.

Part of the team also is Kirill Beresnev, a blockchain engineer. He is into Ethereum development and the brain behind the data and ICO token development at BitRent.

For more information about the BitRent offers and join in the on-going pre-sale, visit a website.

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