BITS DIGIT is a platform that can be thought of as a one Solution for all needs and shapes the foundation for the root of the economy: companies, startups, traders, customers, entrepreneurs and merchants into a viable market, combining all the elements into an ecosystem that can boost the mass adoption of blockchain technology.

This platform gathers all the financial properties into one place where users have control over their finances. They can manage transactions, integrate merchants’ payments, deposit funds and so much more.

BITS DIGIT project announces 4 week-long Global ICO, starting Aug 1st, 2017.
For four weeks from Aug 1st, investors from all over the world will be able to purchase Bits Digit Profit-sharing tokens (BITSD) with ETH and Other cryptocurrencies. These tokens will be in the form of a Smart Contract guaranteeing a 50% share in the Exchange’s monthly profits.

At the heart of the project lies the idea of reinventing the classic financial model using the most up-to-date technologies, including blockchain and specialized artificial intelligence.
Ethereum Blockchain will underpin the work of the Bits Digit share tokens.

Developing the Bits Digit has taken more than a year. An international team of technical specialists, bankers and financial technology entrepreneurs collaborating on this project.

The main purpose of Bits Digit is to create a single, user-friendly ecosystem suitable for mass adoption among non-technical users, or individuals new to the Industry. The platform enables a system that combines cryptocurrency and fiat services, made available to customers over a single registered account within the platform.

The Founder of Bits Digit Mr. Kumar sharing thoughts about the platform’s focus said,
“A single platform for all the financial needs was not easy to create but with the support of our tech partners its possible now, and we truly believe that Bits Digit made it a lot simpler for any average person out there to enter in the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain-related products and services.”

The Project’s business model, taking into account three possible development scenarios depending on the total proceeds of the ICO, can be found on the company’s website.

The Bits Digit begins Aug 1st, 2017. In order to take part, users will have to send minimum 1 ETH to BITSD Smart Contract. Pre-sale is starting from 25th July 2017 only 10% of BITSD (700,000) will be available for it.
For early adopters Bits Digit is offering Bonuses:
Pre-Sale -20%
First week days -10%
Second Week days -5%

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