BitsTrades is a platform designed to change the way we trade Bitcoin. We are a team of dedicated professionals and expert analysts who have the knowledge and power to turn your every investment into secure profit. Ever since the founding ten years ago, we’ve worked hard to improve BitsTrades, and our company has kept developing and improving over the years. Today, we are proud to offer our services globally via our online platform.

If you’re looking for a smart and safe way to invest your money, Bitcoin-based index trading is definitely a good choice. But if you want guaranteed and regular returns, as well as a reliable and secure system, there is only one right choice – BitsTrades index trading service.

But what exactly are those services? To put it simply, we accept your investment, trade, and then share the profit with you.

BitsTrades carefully designs various secure, risk-free investment plans for you with returns of up to 450% of your investment. Exactly how much you will earn is calculated based on the amount you invest, but one thing is certain – you cannot lose. After you purchase a contract, a skilled analyst receives the invested amount and places an index trade on your behalf. And this is where the greatest advantage of BitsTrades lies: the entire process of trading and pay-out is automated and monitored by our BitsTrades Centralized Core or BTC-C System.

BTC-C System is an automated platform that we have developed in order to manage orders, balance gold and stock share of total investment, pay-outs, daily growth, and everything else we do. BTC-C System is highly encrypted and no one without specialized hardware can access it, making your funds safer than anywhere else. The system runs non-stop, constantly looking for new trading opportunities. When a good opportunity comes up, our experts start trading. They book a profit and manage all transaction through this platform, and after a successful trade, profit is shared to the investor – you – via Bitcoin. And while we’re making sure that this system runs smoothly, your account gets credited with daily growth, and you can collect your ever-growing profit.

Pay-out and withdrawal are also automated and secure thanks to the BTC-C System. As soon as your account reaches the minimum withdrawal amount, your funds are automatically withdrawn. You receive email notifications alerting you of withdrawals, but also about all other events or changes in your account.

There is no more need to waste your money on high-risk investments or to endanger what you have by settling for platforms with insufficient security. BitsTrades helps you play it smart. Ready? Contact us with any questions or purchase a contract today and enjoy the profit you’ll make with Bitstrades.

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