When compared to traditional currencies, Bitcoin is often considered as a safer and faster way to make a payment to any individual or a company regardless of their location. It is the most secure and efficient virtual currency used for payments, it holds a number of advantages for both business and personal use.

There are numerous trading platforms out there, BitsTrades stands out as it prioritizes security, high returns and convenience of use.

What is BitsTrades?

Founded in 2007 as a trading platform, Bitstrades is currently performing exchange and trading operations and provides returns to customers from the profit gained. BitsTrades has significantly expanded during the last decade, partnering with the most trusted British investors, and developing their own Bitcoin-based trading system.

Currently, BitsTrades offers index trading services in stock markets, Bitcoin exchanges and a number of altcoins. Platform is actively investing in index trading on behalf of customers. Trading between cryptocurrencies and traditional currencies might involve a certain counterparty risk. More than a decade long experience allows BitsTrades to ensure reducing the risk factor.

Security standards & investments

BitsTrades puts the trust and confidence of their users to the fore. Platform guarantees high level of security of all transactions, as they are performed according to security standards.

Marton Kekuli, CEO of BitsTrades, says:

“We have build our platform with highly encrypted SSL as well as using latest technologies and high-end servers, which run 24x7 online. Customers’ funds are held in our own centralized system (BTC-C - Bitcoin Centralized Core), where no-one has an access to the system without having a specialized hardware.”

BitsTrades offers various investment plans with a possibility to earn up to 350% yearly of investments. BitsTrades performs live index trading with a margin of minimum of $1-5 per trade.

Once the investment is made, company expert analyst places Index trade of the customer’s package price. It is being maintained in the BitsTrades centralized core (BTC-C) software, where everything is balanced including order management, gold & stock share of total investment, regular payout, daily growth, etc. Company holds a full responsibility for managing and configuring of this system.

Every client account is connected with BitsTrades fully automated withdrawal system. As soon as an account reaches set limit, withdrawal is executed automatically by the BitsTrades BTC-C software.

Upon that, platform notifies a customer about any operations, and their statuses, e.g. new referrals, withdrawal, profit credit, commission, account change notification.

BitsTrades expert analysts have more than 10 years of experience in stock markets combined with expertise in Bitcoin investments market.

Media contacts

Company name: BitsTrades Limited
Company site: https://bitstrades.com/
Address: BitsTrades Limited, 7 Premier Park Road, London, United Kingdom, NW10 7NZ
General Info: support@bitstrades.com