BitsTrades, a U.K.-based platform that has been in operation for the last ten years, and designed to change the way a person trades Bitcoin, delivers returns to customers from the profit gained, earning an investor up to 450 percent on investments each year.

Founded in 2007, BitsTrades currently trades on four markets: Forex, currency, stock and cryptocurrency markets. As a fully automated system that delivers automatic withdrawals into an account, anyone interested in doing so, can set one up in minutes. Once an account has been open, a user then needs to select the amount they want to invest and creates a contract. A skilled BitsTrades analyst receives the investment amount and places it on the index trade on an investor's behalf. BitsTrades provides several investment options with the amount of profit varying on yearly investments, thus attracting new and existing investors to the platform. After a deposit has been submitted the BitsTrades system then automatically considers a person's action with daily growth being calculated depending on the investment amount. This is all achieved on the BitsTrades Centralized Core or BTC-C System. All the information as to what is happening with your investment can be viewed through a detailed account dashboard.

What is the BTC-C System?

This is an automated platform that has been created to manage orders, balance gold, stock share of total investments, payouts and daily growth. By using highly encrypted SSL, no one without specialized hardware can access it, ensuring the safety of your funds.

By running 24/7, the system is continually searching for new trading opportunities, ensuring that good opportunities are found for BitsTrades experts to start trading. They then book a profit and manage all transactions through the BTC-C platform, and after a successful trade, the profit is shared to you, the investor, with Bitcoin.

Each client account is linked with BitsTrades fully automated withdrawal cycle. As soon as an account reaches its set limit, a daily withdrawal cycle is processed automatically by the BTC-C system.

Earn More through BitsTrades Affiliate Program

With BitsTrades profitable affiliate program, members have a unique opportunity to earn even more through the platform.

Simply by inviting people to join the platform you will earn additional funds through four levels of commission from your referrals. Starting from five percent, a member can earn around 11 percent total referral income through the different levels. Furthermore, with each deposit your referral makes, you can earn between one and five percent with varying levels of income percentage for every level.

Delivering Transparency

In order to ensure a transparent system for its investors, BitsTrades provides transparent and sharing payment proof of some of its current investors.

This details the invested amount in addition to the daily payouts through These investors are updated daily to illustrate the profits they receive through BitsTrades platform, demonstrating a profitable and stable investment.

If you're a potential investor who's keen to get involved with BitsTrades where you'll have dedicated support and the chance to get involved with a long-term contract, then get in touch with us today.