The founder behind Sigwo technologies, Steven Grove, has recently announced a crowdfunding campaign for Darcrus (DAR) project, a token that will allow its holders to receive rewards via distribution through a Proof of Holding system. “Proof of Holding will use different ways to provide staking rewards, it is akin to Dash (and other) masternode payments“.  The reward system can be based on a buyback program on an exchange or disbursement via the NXT’s & Waves’ native systems.

The DAR token will be issued on the NXT platform until Waves platform and its decentralized asset exchange are fully operational. There is the possibility that Darcrus token will start on Waves platform instantly after crowdfunding ends.

The rewards for DAR token holders will come, not only from the profit generated from the sales of Darcrus software and consultancy services for companies that use their decentralized applications, but also from the SIGFARM mining operations as well which started in April 2016.

Darcrus will develop software that can help companies and corporations to integrate blockchain technology onto their infrastructure to improve security and efficiency. dAppSheet, the first software that will come from Darcrus, promises to bring multiple advantages for company data management and security. dAppsheet will be a decentralized application (also known as dapp) that can easily duplicate the underlying infrastructure for companies in a decentralized environment. This dapp will also allow organizations to customize almost any tracking, billing, or service desk application to better serve their needs.

dAppsheet can replace the current SQL server structure, that currently takes up more time and effort than needed, with real-time streaming replication, servers, IT support, and expensive disaster recovery/COOP planning by leveraging the power of blockchain technology to act as a decentralized database. In the dAppsheet system, each local office acts as a disaster recovery for other offices, which eliminates the need for offsite storage, although this can also be achieved by keeping an offsite secure node for extra safety or to meet regulatory demands.

One of the prime advantages that blockchain has brought us is immutability. No one, not even company employees (IT administrator, supervisor, or CEO) can change the data in a company's dapp, when created using the dAppsheet technology. This ensures safety and provides transparency by allowing data to be saved through a blockchain transaction that is replicated and broadcasted to all company nodes, locally or worldwide.

The Dracrus team will also ensure that companies can make a smooth transaction into a blockchain-based system with the highest ease and security by providing consultancy services. The release of the dAppsheet application is scheduled for May 2017.

The Darcrus Initial Coin Offering period will start on the 21st of November and will last for three weeks. Early investors will benefit from a 50% bonus on the first day, which will then be decreased during the course of the ICO. You can join Darcrus community bounty programs and follow the latest news through Slack or forum.


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