Zug, Switzerland — Today, CasperLabs and CV Labs unveiled the program and speakers for The Blockchain Hub in Davos, Switzerland, taking place from May 23 to 25, 2022. The Blockchain Hub Davos offers a global multi-stakeholder venue to convene and interact with the purpose of:

  • Examining global impact considerations related to blockchain development by bringing together stakeholders to connect and share their contributions, innovations and intentions. 
  • Exploring the adoption of blockchain as the catalytic tech transforming enterprises and industries, and creating new economies.
  • Enabling investment activity by bringing together leading founders with VCs. 

Topics covered will be digital assets on the global stage on May 23, enterprise and government blockchain adoption on May 24, and NFTs, Metaverse and gaming on May 25. 

Virtual attendance across the three days at the Blockchain Hub Davos can be found on the site, along with the digital registration form.

The Blockchain Hub is a space that enables blockchain leaders to come together to share knowledge on how to build a better future for humanity by using blockchain to transform positively, and on the way the world interacts and transacts. It gathers decentralized thinkers, investors, corporations, startup founders, high-profile individuals and policymakers.

This edition of The Blockchain Hub at Davos is particularly promising, because despite the enormity of changes that have taken place in the world, the pandemic did not put blockchain in lockdown, rather enabling it to open up and flourish. The program includes over 100 global initiators. Together, they intend to spark and ignite impact to improve how the world functions. 

In recognition of blockchain as the transformative tech of the 21st century, the Blockchain Hub Davos program will begin on May 23 next with the publication of the inaugural African Blockchain Report, published by CV VC in collaboration with Standard Bank. It highlights that obstacles to global transformations seem surmountable when seeing Africa’s urgent actions to utilize blockchain becoming the norm. The report shows in detail how Africa has self-accelerated blockchain as a positive force for the well-being of its people and economies. It will present the first-ever benchmarkable data set on blockchain VC activity in Africa and show how funding far outpaced all other sectors. The report’s findings will demonstrate how nations and stakeholders are beginning to step in and embrace Africa’s self-determining participation in the fourth industrial revolution. While it is a fact that African nations are among the fastest crypto adopters globally, the CV VC report moves past crypto. It looks at the underlying revolutionary blockchain movement, set to enable Africa to transact and interact for the well-being of its people and economies.

View the entire Blockchain Hub Davos on the site.

Topics and speakers

23 May — digital assets on the global stage:

  • Evolution of crypto markets — Robert Materazzi, Lukka
  • The future of capital markets — Efi Pylarinou, Efi Pylarinou Advisory
  • Blockchain’s next chapter — Sheila Warren, Crypto Council for Innovation
  • The state of crypto in 2022 — Brock Pierce, The Blockchain Foundation

24 May — enterprise and government blockchain adoption:

  • Realizing blockchain deployments at scale — Charles Okochu, Amazon
  • Supporting government blockchain adoption — Medha Parlikar, Casper
  • Blockchain and ESG — Britany Kaiser
  • The future is hybrid — Shyam Nagarajan, IBM

25 May — NFTs, Metaverse and gaming:

  • The Metaverse and gaming — Jonathan Woolley of MetaVest Capital
  • NFTs and Fashion — Andrea Abrams, Phygicode and Faith Tribe DAO
  • Evolution of NFTs — Prasad Kanche, IBM
  • Not for the faint of heart: The journey of a crypto investor — Anthony Scaramucci, SkyBridge Capital

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