Mainstream media is dying. Their corporate content has less and less appeal and viewers are spending more time on social media than ever before.

Major social platforms like youtube/facebook/twitter were *supposed* to be free and open solutions platforms for the people, but they have become increasingly corrupted and regularly censor those voices that have the most important things to say.

The internet was supposed to be a bastion of freedom. The reason we LOVE the net is because we can express ourselves openly and without limitations. We can choose what we want (and don’t) want to watch. The internet is THE FREEST and naturally most democratic institution that has ever existed on this planet.

Well, it was supposed to be...

These days, most channels that express points of views that differ from those of the ‘status quo’ are having their channels de-monetized, or minimized by complex algorithms specifically designed to keep their voices from being heard.

Some channels and groups have even been wiped out of existence!

And if keeping alternative views from the public isn't bad enough user information is being sold (without your consent) every step of the way.

Well, friends, I’ve had enough. And I’m guessing so have you.


Imagine a social media platform that was built to resist top-down censorship and control. A platform that encourages its users to speak and spread truth, and down-vote propaganda and lies - allowing the community to decide what content thrives or dies (not some souless corporation with an agenda!)

Imagine a decentralized social hub that also connects to your other platforms (including Steemit, youtube, facebook, and twitter) that allows you to double-monetize and earn bonus cryptocurrency rewards from a single interface.

Imagine being able to add as many friends as you want, and not having any pesky algorithms preventing them from seeing your posts (or being forced to spend money to ‘boost’ your content just so your existing followers can see it!)

On July 17th, 2017 the ICO will give you the opportunity to bring another revolutionary site into the blockchain to continue to provide vital services supporting freedom and sustained monetization without limits.

Can’t wait to see you there, Alex Lasarev CMO,


Company name: OneName Global, Inc.

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Company contacts: Alex Lasarev, CMO