The pre-ICO project, CarTaxi, will start selling tokens on August 30. It's a logistics platform for the automation of all tow truck companies represented in one mobile application. It has been launched and stands on the leading position in Russian market, where the number of cars is estimated at 52.5 million units for 144 million people. The project is in the global scaling stage, the USA and China are on the way. The logistics platform CarTaxi is based on the blockchain technology and geolocation.

It is the first mobile service of its kind, for convenient vehicle recovery from anywhere in the world. The platform globally solves the problems of the modern market of vehicle recovery, which is widely developed around the world, especially in megacities. However, it still operates on an outdated scheme- through dispatchers.

Motorists face difficulties in choosing the optimal operator. Often the waiting time and cost of the service are overstated because of idle trips. In order to reduce logistical costs, CarTaxi unites all tow truck owners on one platform and makes it more accessible and quickly for a client. The system chooses the suitable truck for the car to be towed according to the weight, clearance, length and damages of the vehicle. The order can be completed just with a couple of swipes and the payment is transferred upon reaching the destination.

CarTaxi's transactions go through a decentralized blockchain technology based on a smart contract. This approach allows accounting transparency, safe and fast payments and guarantees the fulfillment of obligations by the vehicle recovery companies. The human factor is minimized and as result, the cost of services is decreased.

CarTaxi also vouches for the safety of the client's car while moving it. The system tracks transportation from the loading stage to the unloading point.

CarTaxi is a changer in the growing vehicle recovery market just as “Uber” in the taxi market. The platform is moving the vehicle recovery industry to the next level. Globally, the importance of blockchain technology cannot be overestimated, 57% of companies with more than 20,000 employees use it, according to a study by Juniper Research.

CarTaxi is already a common standard for calling for help on the roads through a convenient and familiar interface. For vehicle recovery companies, it's a tool to improve the effectiveness of service delivery and reduce costs.
It’s important to mention that CarTaxi defers much from the majority of other initial coin offerings (ICO’S) by the fact that is already operating on a global scale.

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