Virtual crypto conference leader BlockDown takes over Latin America for the first time with its BlockDown Latam edition coming up on November 20th headlined by Grammy nominated music artist and entrepreneur Akon.

BlockDown Latam will be showcasing the best and brightest minds and businesses from the crypto and blockchain space in South America. Blockchain PR Agency EAK Digital, which has hosted three previous english editions of BlockDown attracting over ten thousand people from all around the world, will bring the Latin American crypto community together while promoting the work of its crypto entrepreneurs and businesses.

The event will focus on a range of subjects, including: Latin America as a mining power, Latin America as a talent hub and crypto and blockchain solutions for Latin America’s impoverished communities. With the partnership of CriptoNoticias, Bitcoin Argentina, Blockchain Colombia and Satoshi en Venezuela, BlockDown Latam will allow people to meet, network and discuss what they want for the future of the local blockchain industry.

The event, which will run for eight hours, will feature top talks from the likes of Juan Rodríguez de Papá Bitcoin y Criptos, Rodolfo Andragnes, Josh Swihart, Alejandro Machado, Mauricio Tovar, Diana Aguilar and Javier Bastardo; as well as fireside chats, panels, keynotes and presentations from top figures in both the world and the Latin American ecosystem. In line with the local adoption initiatives, BlockDown Latam will also feature presentations from some of the top social impact projects of the region like Open Money Initiative, DIDI Digital Identity and Blockchain in School from Bitcoin Argentina.

Private educational sessions like masterclasses on Lightning Network and 101’s on Bitcoin basics and crypto wallets will be available for attendees who are just getting into the space. For more advanced learners with their eyes on a smart discussion, roundtables with prominent speakers will be available.

BlockDown conference was the brainchild of Erhan Korhaliller, Founder and CEO of Blockchain PR Agency EAK Digital. He said:

“BlockDown Latam will be something never seen before in the South American crypto ecosystem. No other online conference has ever had such a strong local focus on topics like talent acquisition, education and real world use cases. We will focus on creating an online space for discussion that draws both experienced and new audiences, as well creating communities and partnerships that attendees can enjoy.” 

BlockDown Latam will also feature trivia games, live musicians and a chance for guests to claim limited edition BlockDown NFT’s. As for attendee interaction, BlockDown Latam will hold back in nothing, featuring live chats, live polls, and Q&As.

recent study by Statista claims that the world region where most cryptocurrency users are located is Latin America. Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico and Chile are all top ten in adoption of cryptocurrencies. Venezuela wasn’t surveyed but it’s known for having one of the world’s highest Bitcoin trading volumes.

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