We are excited to welcome you to our new service. We make it accessible to everyone to start mining online based on Ethereum without any ICT knowledge and without the need to purchase anything yourself.

We give you the ability to invest in Ethereum via our new Cloudmining service. The Ethereum market has been growing strongly of late, which means this is the ideal moment to get in on it. The main advantage is that everyone can participate in this service, both business customers and private individuals. You do not have to purchase computers yourself. Everything is taken care of under 1 roof, for 2 years.

Bluemining is an organisation with a professional team that knows the exact ins and outs of this crypto world. The reason we are focused on Ethereum is that it is currently very interesting to start mining Ethers. You can get a lot of return at relatively low rates. 

Bluemining is located in Zwolle. Our Datacentres are located and distributed throughout the Netherlands. Any user who wants to start mining can come to us. No equipment is required and there are no monthly electricity costs and hot, buzzing computers. In addition, you do not need the ICT knowledge that you would need if you purchased a miner yourself. At Bluemining, these options are not necessary and we take care of everything. You pay a one-time fee which you will benefit from for 2 years. There are weekly payments which you can follow in your account on the website www.bluemining.net.

We make it accessible to everyone. We also have very competitive rates, which makes things even more interesting!

The advantage for the customer is that a one-time payment guarantees 2 years of 
mining. Technical support is available 24/7. 

If you want more information, you can always e-mail us at info@bluemining.net.

Company name: Bluemining
Company site: www.bluemining.net
Company contacts: Jordy Satoor de Rootas