Group Futurista hosted another insightful webinar under the Futurecast Series on Feb. 3, 2021. 

The first edition of the “Future of Workflow Automation for FI” webinar was sponsored by leading companies in automating business processes across industries, including Camunda, WorkFusion, Signavio, Onit and Mitratech. 

Our broad range of expert keynote speakers from leading financial industry organizations spoke in length about how leveraging artificial intelligence and robotic process automation in scaling up workflow automation processes can not only increase their rate of interest but also significantly reduce costs. 

  1. Sachin Tonk from Standard Chartered Bank presented on reconfiguring processes to take advantage of data and automation.
  2. Tobias Stegemann from Camunda Services GmbH spoke about reinventing process automating for financial institutions. 
  3. Christian Wolf from W&W Group delivered on the keynote Digital Transformation: Reconfiguring your organization to take full advantage of workflow automation. 
  4. Dan Cohen from Signavio emphasized the importance of the Signavio Workflow Accelerator that can bring your process models to life.
  5. Steven P. Frank from Wells Fargo Bank delivered a keynote on how workflow automation is a user-centric approach. 
  6. Kyle Hoback from WorkFusion showed how operational improvement can be achieved with 0% STP that reduces 70% of manual work in financial institutions along with some use cases from Anti-Money Laundering.
  7. Jonathan Dedman from Mitratech Holdings spoke about transforming compliance for financial services using process automation.
  8. Robert Johnson from Onit delivered the keynote on thinking fast and slow and diving into the power of a workflow platform. 

Further, the panel discussion was the highlight of the entire webinar, where Mary Thengvall from Camunda moderated the session on “2021 Trends of Workflow Automation — A Big Push for Technology Post-COVID.” Panelists included Robert Johnson from Onit, Kyle Hoback from WorkFusion, and Marco Prado-Mas from Banco Santander International.

Lastly, the webinar concluded with the announcement of an upcoming webinar, “Future of Chatbots & Conversational AI,” to be held on Feb. 24, 2021, at 10:00 EST / 15:00 GMT. Please visit our website for registration details.