Bowhead Health to launch Kickstarter post-Initial Coin Offering

“Wouldn’t it be amazing to have anonymous medical records available to all research doctors? Making our medical records open for sharing will save 100,000 lives a year.”- Larry Page, co-founder of Google

The Bowhead Device will launch on Kickstarter in January 2018 with the first shipment of devices expected in summer that year. Measuring around the same size as a Nespresso machine and with a target price of $199-$299, the device will be capable of analysing biometric data, dispensing personalized supplements and medicine, as well as giving you 100% control of your medical data. Users will be rewarded for the leasing of their anonymous health data.

How the Bowhead device works

1. User provides a blood prick (similar to glucose test) or saliva sample that is placed in the
test cartridge
2. User follows instructions and inserts cartridge into the side of the device for reading
3. The Bowhead device uses computer vision and an algorithm to determine strength of
signal and test results, then it interprets the results for that user
4. Based on the test result and the qualitative data provided by the user, a licensed
healthcare professional provides a recommendation and dispensing occurs
5. All signals are monitored securely and stored using Blockchain technology
6. You can get paid for sharing your anonymous health data (30% to AHT holders, 70% to patients)

Bowhead Health is currently offering their Anonymized Health Token in an Initial Coin Offering running until August 31st. AHT token holders will receive 30% of the fees from the user-controlled leasing of anonymous medical data to research institutions.

To become a token holder visit

With the Kickstarter campaign, Bowhead will begin developing the customer base for the global community they have envisioned. In the words of Bowhead CEO Dr. Rhea Mehta: “Healthcare solutions of the future will be more convenient, secure and precise. We're excited to bring our personalized wellness device to Kickstarter and build a community of early users and supporters.”

The Bowhead team comprises medical doctors, scientists and robotics engineers based in Canada. They are working in partnership with a diagnostics manufacturing facility in California with extensive experience in bringing FDA-approved products to market. Beyond the US market, Bowhead plans to work with regulatory bodies in other jurisdictions to service the $8.7 trillion global health market.

This fall, Bowhead will enter the market with a mobile app featuring a gamified health survey to reward users for sharing anonymized health data while empowering them to be accountable to their wellbeing. The company will be expanding the functionality of the app with an array of user-friendly features including “Google Drive style” permission settings for different categories of users’ personal health data.

The company’s mandate includes making an impact in underserved markets.  An adapted version of the  technology can be shared via robust solar powered kiosks. Such a model could service small villages and communities in developing countries.

With the upcoming Kickstarter campaign, Bowhead will be offering the site’s 12.4 million users the opportunity to get a head start on personalized wellness by being the first users of this revolutionary device. In turn, this will give Bowhead the opportunity to reach the critical mass of users and health data required to sustain the model of value exchange underwritten by the Anonymized Health Token.

Further information can be found on their website or speak to the team directly on the Official Bowhead Health Telegram or Slack.

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