Thinking about inflation in fiat currency, and how to solve it with current technology? 

Brickcoin is clear, transparent. Stamped on the public blockchain. 

They wanted to accomplish two core ideas. One, the crowd-based real estate ownership, to make money for their investor. Their second idea, Brickcoin, the inflation-free cryptocurrency, directly backed to real estate. The best of all worlds: Real Estate Crowdfunding that uses Blockchain and Bitcoin. 

How does Brickcoin work?

It's like Bitcoin, but 100% backed with real estate.

At present, the cryptocurrencies are very volatile. It's a risky portfolio for investors. Yet, investor can create “cryptofolios” to mitigate these risks. introduces the first real estate backed cryptocurrency where users can invest in real estate since $100. With no frontiers or the need of invest larges quantities, people can invest in real estate in seconds, and start earning passive returns between 3% and 25% yearly. This is the 3.0 next generation, global reach investments, crowdfunding business. 

Investors could buy a piece of Manhattan from $100. Easy. Send them Bitcoin. Receive Brickcoin that is backed by real estate. When people invest in the platform, they receive Brickcoin in their Pc Wallet (Chrome extension), Android or iPhone, the equivalent Brickcoin to guarantee the invest. 

New Technology and century real estate business

Innovation to one of the most important industries worldwide. Tangible assets through the blockchain. FAST, SECURE, IN A TANGIBLE ALWAYS GROWING MARKET. 

What service and technology they use:

They buy  on the Real Estate Bitcoin market with BitPremier, they are based on the decentralized and auditable Waves Platform and Dex Exchange, they create and deploy registries on Regis, and they use civic to ensure both parties identities (seller and us, buyers).


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