Bitcoin and mainly all other crypto-currencies were originally designed to replace the fiat currencies. And one of the most widely used affirmations on crypto-coin forums back there was "Soon you will be able to buy a morning coffee with cryptos." Today we are making it happen.

With GFT you will be able to pay for coffee, dessert or lunch — anything you like.
No hassle. No commissions. From your smartphone. In seconds.

New age of e-gift cards

GFT Network is a platform for e-gift cards built on the Stellar ledger. We offer comprehensive SAAS solutions and worldwide payment settlement for B2B and B2C business with unique conditions: no setup fees, commission-free, zero ownership cost.

E-gift cards? What so special about them?

Gift cards are a multi billion dollar industry and it's only growing! Persistence Market Research predicts that the international market for gift cards is likely to grow to $698 billion by 2024, more than double its current value ($307 billion). Popularity of e-gift cards is increasing; expected global annual growth is more than 120%.

Here are some of the most popular industries where the e-gift cards are used:

  • Restaurants (34.8%)
  • Department Stores (34.4%)
  • Coffee Shops (20.1%)
  • Entertainment (17.2%)

By selling a digital gift card, a retailer receives money before actually selling the goods. They improve cash flow by generating revenue before the sales. Meanwhile, the gift cards build brand awareness and provide the business with additional promotional opportunities.

True power of blockchain

GFT token is an asset for e-gift cards issued by GFT Treasury, which guarantees its value. Tokens will be fully backed by USD on the corporate bank account to maintain a 1GFT=1USD exchange rate. Transactions on the Stellar network are almost instant (4s average). When you transfer GFT tokens you only pay the Stellar transaction commissions which is currently 0.00001 XLM (about 0.000002 USD).

The GFT promo tokensale is live, and it’s a unique possibility to purchase GFT tokens with 75% off.

We don't sell a dream, only solid tech

It's not an ICO project. The platform, web services, API and SDKs have been thoroughly tested, documented and are ready to use. GFT is not a next "super featured generic blockchain." It was designed to meet the requirements of the e-gift cards industry.

Try it yourself, visit one of our services built on top of the GFT Network, 2THE.PUB.
2THE.PUB is an international SAAS platform that allows to send a gift card for drinks and meals (any position from the menu), and lets the recipient use it at any restaurant / cafe / bar connected to 2THE.PUB network. Any person can treat a friend to a glass of wine, a cup of coffee or a delicious lunch, regardless of whether they are in another part of the city or thousands of miles away.

Learn more about the platform and participate in promo presale on the GFT Network website.

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