is garnering attention from the investors who are resorting to this trading platform for grabbing the best earning scopes offered by the cyptocurrency market.

UK, June 04, 2017 - The opportunity to earn in a trading platform lures all. However, it is the credibility of a platform, the scopes it offers, the security and safety environment that it provides to the investors, which helps the latter to put their trust on a platform. is the growing Bitcoin trading platform where one can trade in the crypto currency market. The USP of this platform is that the trading enthusiasts need not be pros in the field or armed with loads of trading knowledge. This company ensures that with no or minimal trading knowledge, their clients are able to earn a fixed hourly interest irrespective of the dips and highs in the market conditions. is the automatic e-investment platform, which is an integral part of BTChain Limited.

Rearing to go and building a solid market reputation is, headquartered in Manchester. It is spreading its wings with the help of its trading specialists who focus on Bitcoins and are also introducing exciting new coins like ETH, XMR, DASH and ZEC so that investors can be guaranteed a steady flow of income with diversified investments. This fastest growing bitcoin investment company of UK in the financial year 2016-17 has a dynamic team of specialists who let investors select one from the four simple bitcoin investment plans and then the investors sit back, relax while the traders become active and work on behalf of their clients. This company specializes in Crypto currency Automated Trading. is the way to go for those enthusiasts who are looking for a secured and credible Bitcoin investment platform. as a top-rated Crypto currency Trading Platform offers bank level security as it is managed with EV SSL. This makes way for a risk-free route to earning and investment with guarantee offered for all transactions. The investors can make the most of real-time earnings where the hourly profits earned get automatically added to the account balance. The option to withdraw money immediately after every hour is also offered to the investors. The investors can withdraw the initial deposit as and when they please after 5 days from the day of initial deposit. Requests for quick withdrawals can be made easily and quickly through back office.

About is one of the new and safe online trading platforms that investors are relying on to earn potential hourly profits. With no trading knowledge, the investors can make the most of their Bitcoin investment in this platform.

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Company name: BTChain Limited

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Company contacts: 53 Fountain Street, Manchester, United Kingdom, M2 2AN


Tel: +441613940188

Company number registered to UK Company House: Number #10712106