U.S.-based Buyaladdin will start accepting Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH) payments to multiple shopping malls in South Korea, such as Auction, Coupang, WeMake and 11Street through its own plug-in. The app will be the first to reach this milestone, and according to the Buyaladdin team, it has worked hard and is excited to implement this update.

Buyaladdin is the first online shopping app to integrate BTC and ETH to not just one but many shopping malls in South Korea. Moreover, the team is planning to integrate the ABBC Coin (ABBC) as the next crypto payment method for Buyaladdin.

Through the updated service, users can use cryptocurrency to purchase plug-in shopping mall products — items that are integrated within the Buyaladdin app. Furthermore, plug-in shopping malls can have access to consumers and provide their services through the Buyaladddin app without adding or developing new functions on their own. With this, Buyaladdin is expected to step closer to becoming a globally integrated shopping mall platform by laying a strategic foundation for partnerships with global shopping malls.

Compared to Overstock, Newegg and other online shopping stores that accept crypto, Buyaladdin’s value proposition is unconventional yet groundbreaking. While others only enable crypto to their own online shopping business, Buyaladdin allows the usage of crypto to many plug-in stores in the app.

Aside from the integration in South Korean shopping malls, the Buyaladdin team was excited to share that it is also working on integrating the application with shopping malls located in the United States. The crypto payments feature might come very soon for U.S.-based users. 

After adding BTC and ETH, ABBC is next. The Buyaladdin team also announced that it is now working with the ABBC team to add ABBC as the next payments option in the Buyaladdin app.

ABBC was selected as the next payment coin thanks to the technology behind its blockchain. The ABBC Generation 2.0 blockchain utilizes the delegated proof-of-stake Byzantine fault tolerance pipeline consensus that delivers high scalability. The mainnet is designed to have a fee-based resource model to avoid exploitation of resources. It’s a high-performance blockchain network that can handle up to 5,000 transactions per second.

Meanwhile, the ABBC team also expressed its loyal support for Buyaladdin. According to the team, integrating ABBC and crypto payments to many shopping malls within Buyaladdin will be a huge milestone for the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry.

The ABBC team noted that it has been a pleasure working with the Buyaladdin team. Now, it hopes to take things even further with the ABBC Coin. The team also highlighted that becoming the future of payments security has always been its goal, and this is just the beginning of its huge contributions to the crypto and blockchain market.

The Buyaladdin team finished working on the integrations of Bitcoin and Ether payments on the shopping application and will soon add ABBC Coin to the list. Now, users can shop in the Buyaladdin app using their cryptocurrencies.