Hong Kong, September 1, 2017 - Camelgram, an innovative startup out of Hong Kong, is solving crypto-assets’ “Last Mile” problem by building for merchants and businesses blockchain based Point-of-Sales clearing network, wallet and devices.  “Like Apple before us, we are making technology accessible to businesses and public at large,” CEO David Lee explains. Today, there’s no convenient way for merchants to accept crypto-assets and receive common currencies in everyday transactions.

The project, which started 3 years ago first as a ripple gateway, has matured into a full-fledge solution.  Noel Chow, Head of IT Global Engineering Operation at Qualcomm APAC comments, “Camelgram POS network is solving a critical bottleneck with a proven business model and superior technology. I am happy to see Camelgram’s development come to fruition over the last 3 years.”

Upcoming ICO in September

Camelgram is planning an ICO starting on September 7th , 2017, with exchange ratio of 1 ETH to 100 POS, Camelgram’s token. “Blockchain is emerging as one disruptive trend and Camelgram is spearheading the adoption curve with faster, cheaper and reliable solution for common businesses worldwide” says Kristof Kaiser, former Google EMEA and current managing partner of Europe’s ADLOG

For those want to know more, please download Whitepaper from Camelgram ICO website at https://www.camelgram.com 

BTC address: 1JKqdmnsdhPHVRuyFogfp1PGiSGkpJQhrk

ETH address: 0x272Fb9B76F9C86A8BC00A72464EE9D1106a5A47e

Media Contact: David Lee, camelgram@camelgram.com