2022 Shanghai International Blockchain Week will be hosted online from Sept. 16 to 28, comprising Wanxiang Blockchain Hackathon Fall 2022 on Sept. 16–18, Open Day on Sept. 19, and the Eighth Global Blockchain Summit. Sign up for this awesome event or register for a notification for the livestream here.

The Eighth Global Blockchain Summit — one of this year’s most anticipated blockchain events — is scheduled to take place from Sept. 20 to 28, featuring a grand opening on the first day from 9:30 am to 12:00 pm, followed by eight themed sessions from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm from Sept. 21 to 28. The nine-day summit includes discussions and talks centered on topics like blockchain technology, Layer 2s, DAOs, Web3, privacy computing, data security, the Metaverse, “double carbon” issues and the IoT. 

The summit provides an unprecedented opportunity to dive deeper into the blockchain world and establish a shared vision of the digital future.

Themed daily sessions:

  • Sept. 20: Grand opening of the Eighth Global Blockchain Summit — The grand opening of the summit will gather some of the world’s best-known industry players. There will also be a surprise guest sharing views on Metaverse practices.

  • Sept. 21: Technology insights on public blockchains — Attendees will be thrust into a blockchain network that provides the opportunity to learn from top blockchain project founders and gain a wider perspective on their technologies and progress.

  • Sept. 22: Layer 2 — This is where attendees can join in and get valuable insights on Layer-2 scaling solutions with some of the world’s most attractive Layer-2 projects like zkSync.

  • Sept. 23: Privacy computing and data governance — Experts and thought leaders from projects like CertiK will discuss themes like privacy computing and data governance to further attendees’ understanding of how to better guarantee data privacy in blockchain.

  • Sept. 24: Blockchain, IoT and “double carbon” goals — This session will focus on discussions on how digital technologies like blockchain and IoT technologies will help achieve the “double carbon” goals and further sustainable development.

  • Sept. 25: The Metaverse — In this session, attendees will be able to enjoy expert discussions around the theme of Metaverse infrastructure and best practices. 

  • Sept. 26: Academic Perspectives — This session provides an avenue for scholars, crypto experts and thought leaders to share their views on blockchain, Web3 and the Metaverse from technical, economic, financial and societal perspectives. Confirmed speakers include He Zhiguo, professor of finance at the University of Chicago, and Zhu Jiaming, economist and chairman of the Academic and Technical Committee of Digital Finance Research Institute, Hengqin Digital Alliance.

  • Sept. 27: DAOs — A Decentralized Autonomous Organization is a new way of organizing and managing a group of involved parties. On Sept. 27 the event’s speakers will discuss and deliberate how DAOs are innovating and reshaping the way organizations are generally managed.

  • Sept. 28: Web3 — Web3 represents the next generation of the internet. This session gathers some of the most-talked-about Web3 projects to explore inspiring Web3 applications and best practices.

Wanxiang Blockchain Hackathon Fall 2022

Under the theme of “Together for a shared future in blockchain,” Wanxiang Blockchain Hackathon Fall 2022 focuses on carbon neutrality, Web3 and digital transformation. It sets three tracks, namely the Green Future of low carbon and environmental protection, the Blue Future of Web3 and the Colorful Future of digital transformation.

First, second and third prize-winning projects for the hackathon will be determined by a combination of audience voting (50%) and judges (50%). Built upon Venachain, the voting system allows users to check information such as votes, block heights and transaction hash at any time. Registrations for the hackathon are open now. 

As in previous years, this year’s summit will serve as an avenue for industry leaders, pioneers, experts and investment representatives in the blockchain space to share their views on the disruptive technology trends that are shaping the future of how we work and live.