The Carbon Web3 browser by Carbon X Labs is set to launch its native token, CSIX, across five different launchpads over the next two months. This presents a unique opportunity for crypto investors to capitalize on the launch of a new token before its underlying technology is adopted by the masses.

CSIX is the in-app utility and governance token used to purchase premium services on the Carbon Browser. Using CSIX on Carbon’s AdX Marketplace will grant a discount on commission fees.

The Carbon X Labs team that developed the Carbon Web3 Browser is looking to raise a total of $600,000 over the course of its initial decentralized exchange offering (IDO) phase. So far, the project has raised $400,000. The token has an initial market cap of ~$160,000 and a fully diluted market cap of $10 million with 16 million CSIX in circulation, according to CryptoRank.

CSIX is a BEP-20 token on BNB Smart Chain with a total token supply of 1 billion. The CSIX smart contract has been independently audited by leading auditing firm Chainsulting ensuring the safety of the protocol’s functionality and the security of users’ funds. A breakdown of CSIX’s tokenomics can be found on Carbon’s website.

CSIX token launchpad schedule

As early as Jan. 30, CSIX will be launching on the TrustSwap launchpad at an initial price of $0.01 with a goal of raising $350,000. Less than two weeks later, CSIX will be launched on the EnjinStarter launchpad, targeting a total raise of 50,000 Binance USD (BUSD) at a starting price of 0.01 BUSD per token.

On Feb. 20, CSIX will be launched on two different launchpads. BullPerks will be launching the CSIX IDO where potential investors can get in with a minimum investment of $20. Read more about the terms of the BullPerks CSIX IDO on its website.

Poolz will also launch the CSIX token on Feb. 20. Here, Carbon is looking to raise $250,000.

Listings on decentralized and centralized exchanges are in the works, but none has been announced yet ahead of the IDO or token generation event. More information about where CSIX will be launched and traded can be found on Carbon’s website.

Why should you use Carbon Browser?

Web2 browsers like Safari and Firefox have too many security gaps and provide only limited support for decentralized apps like DEXs and crypto staking platforms. As the number of Web3-native users increases around the world, so will the number of people taking self-custody of their funds, which the legacy browsers are not equipped to handle.

Due to the demands of the contemporary, tech-savvy and financially conscious user, the need for speed and secure browsing will increase proportionally. Choosing Carbon over traditional competitors will give it the advantages it needs for a foray into the Web3 space.

Users who value privacy, speed and especially access to decentralized blockchain-based apps should try out “The fastest Web3 browser” today. Find it on Google Play Store and soon on the Apple Store and for PCs and Macs.


Carbon caters to the growing next generation of internet users who are rapidly increasing demand for Web3 tools. Developers, degens and typical Generation Z individuals are all behind this push and will find Carbon is a perfect fit for them. These people are accustomed to decentralized finance protocols, metaverse platforms, nonfungible token trading and others.

How to get Carbon Browser now

Now is the perfect time to start browsing on Carbon. The features described here are just a piece of all that the browser has in store. With less than a second FLT on pages and a far superior rewards structure compared to other Web3 browsers, the benefits are clear.

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Read about CSIX tokenomics here.

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