One of the highly-anticipated ICOs of 2017 has launched on June 12th and racked up a lot of attention. The iDice Crowdsale will continue to run until June 26th at UTC 0:00, with the next 4 days presenting an even greater gain for investors who get to receive 30% bonus tokens. Further details are found on the official ICO page.

5 million iDice tokens will be up for sale to the crowdsale participants. No more iDice tokens will be created after the event, which will be soon followed by the release of the iDice mobile gambling app late Q3 of the year. iDice developers are dedicating their time and efforts on the first ever mobile platform, with the ultimate goal of becoming the next SatoshiDICE.

Jordan Wong, iDice founder and CEO, believes that the availability of the gambling platform on mobile devices is key to the company's success. It's an untapped market with boundless potential, given no other cross-platform exists. The flexibility, and being the first to make mobile gambling feasible, will make them an industry leader.

Wong has it based on statistics, where the average person spends roughly 71% of their digital time online via their tablet or smartphone. The iDice team aims to pioneer the mobile gambling app for both Android and iOS. Mobile development is undoubtedly the wiser choice over competing with pre-existing Dapps. Moreover, top industry experts estimate the blockchain gambling sector to be north of $15 billion, and the numbers grow exponentially.

Honing the features of their Dapp will pave the way to smooth and reliable experience to all mobile users, unlike the unoptimized desktop versions, while maintaining a secure gambling environment. Soon enough, iDice will dominate the Dapp market simply by giving users the freedom to play as they wish, no matter where they go. The team also revealed plans to incorporate traditional casino games like poker, roulette and blackjack into the iDice mobile gambling app in the future.

10 years from today, casino experts agree that this monopoly over the entire segment will make iDice the biggest online casino across the globe. The iDice beta release in April was extremely popular and generated over $300,000 USD in player profits, without any form of marketing.

The iDice blockchain mobile gambling app is impressive technology. What sets iDice apart from traditional blockchain gambling Dapps is the state-of-the-art technology and unique code that iDice is built upon. Smart contracts ensure that iDice games that will be played within the Ethereum blockchain are 100% hack-proof. For utmost security of players, iDice never touches the funds and will never hold it for any reason. Instead, users are paid directly from their wallet. Betting is open sourced and payouts are guaranteed in accordance with the smart contract code, which renders iDice totally decentralized and a platform that can be trusted.

iDice has a good reputation founded on a team that's very responsive and readily available, offering outstanding customer support across social media. The team is quite generous with heavily discounted iDice tokens slashed by another 30% during the first week until June 17th. Investors are swarming iDice as everyone wants a piece of the pie. Amidst the growing trend of Ethereum crowdsales, the limited iDice tokens are an extremely promising investment.

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