iDice News

iDice is a mobile blockchain-based application specializing in gambling games. iDice games allow gamers to bet in Ethereum (ETH) and receive dividends from holding iDice (ICE) tokens. 100 percent of all profit is distributed among holders of iDice tokens, depending on the amount of their shares — so that if a user has 5 percent of all iDice coins, then they will get 5 percent of the total profit. In accordance with the official website, the platform has a completely transparent open-source code that can be found on the internet and, besides that, all bets are public and can be verified for authenticity on the blockchain on their official website. The iDice mobile casino is considered a monopoly, as there is no competition in the mobile gambling sphere. iDice held a crowdsale in 2017 and only those who had ETH could take part in it.