The iDice ICO has ended after raising a total of 2.5 million USD in 2 weeks. iDice is the worlds first mobile gambling app powered by Ethereum. There are only a total of 1.5 million tokens in circulation. The iDice beta has already generated a total of X player profits and X bets all within the first 3 months.

ICE tokens are expected to grow very quickly. Similar projects such as vDice in the past have seen token prices jump 20-30x in value since their initial release. ICE tokens are native to the iDice ecosystem. ICE token holders have the right to claim a portion of the company's total profit in proportion the the total number of tokens. No more tokens will ever be created in the future. This limits the supply and drives up demand.

iDice tokens are in high demand as the company is gearing up for the official release of the mobile and desktop versions of the platforms. Altcoin traders are eyeing the token as the price is expected to increase dramatically after the release of the much anticipated iDice mobile app. Since there is no mobile app dedicated to blockchain gambling yet, iDice is capitalizing on a market that is estimated to be worth over 17 billion USD. This makes iDice the world’s first mobile blockchain gambling game. Before the ICO, iDice had $250k in winnings. Three weeks later, iDice has seen winnings increase to $800,000. This, without a doubt, is the fastest growing blockchain gambling game in the world.

iDice (ICE)

iDice is establishing their brand as the leader in mobile blockchain gaming by releasing other games as well. The iDice mobile app is currently in development. We’ve already begun to see a massive spike in popularity since the crowdsale ended, as advertising and marketing is spreading iDice like wildfire.

The beta release of iDice is viewable at If you want to invest in the future of Ethereum gambling, ICE tokens are available exclusively at

Company name: iDice

Company site: https://idice.io

Company contacts: Brandon Schmitz