Los Angeles CA, June 13, 2017- The iDice ICO is currently live, with only 4 more days left for the 30% bonus token event. Anyone can invest in iDice. Investors are swarming the crowdsale as iDice raises a record breaking $350,000 USD in its first 2 days.

You may have heard of an upcoming cryptocurrency startup called iDice, billed as the world’s first mobile blockchain gambling app. iDice is the next biggest innovation in the gambling industry since the first bitcoin Dice game: Satoshidice. For those of you who are unfamiliar, SatoshiDICE gambling made up almost all bitcoin transactions ever made in before 2013. SatoshiDICE was eventually sold in 2013 for a jaw-dropping 126,315 BTC ($315,787,500 USD in today’s prices).
iDice is the next SatoshiDICE of mobile devices as the world’s first mobile blockchain gambling app. Top gambling industry experts believe that iDice’s revolutionary mobile platform will soon be in use by gambling sites and casinos all across the world as the start of what they call, the mobile revolution. iDice encapsulates the hearts and minds of investors around the world as it sets forth in dominating what could be the biggest gambling market segment of all: mobile gambling.

Studies conducted by IT experts have pinpointed the trend of rising internet traffic from mobile devices. Currently, 68% of all searches originate from smart phones making up the vast majority of all internet traffic. People across the world spend on average 70% of their digital minutes online through their mobile devices. Jordan Wong, the Founder and CEO of iDice, believes that mobile development is the future of gambling:

“The glory days of Las Vegas are long gone. Gambling in future generations will be done primarily through mobile devices. We’re developing the platform that the next generation of gamblers will play on. People spend more time on their phones than anything else today, and it’s a huge market with no competitors right now. We’re here to be the first and dominate this huge segment.”

Las Vegas casinos will be relics of the past as gamblers across the world take to their mobile phones to play iDice’s decentralized gambling games. Experts estimate the mobile gambling industry to be more than $100 Billion USD, and that number is rapidly growing. iDice’s revolutionary, 3rd party audited, open source platform will ensure transparency and safety for gamblers across the world and eliminate gambling scams once and for all.

What makes iDice stand out to gambling experts is its unique safety and transparency, something that is considered to be the most factor for players. Both online and real casinos are plagued by highly intricate scams designed to cheat the player out of their money. iDice overcomes this through the power of Ethereum smart contracts. Thanks to this new technology, iDice players don’t have to worry about getting cheated, as the iDice game source codes are viewable by the public online. iDice is also immune to 3rd party attacks such as hacks as players aren’t required to make any accounts or deposit their funds to iDice. Instead, players play on the iDice platform by directly sending their Ether to the iDice game contract from the safety of their own wallet. The result of the game is computed through an oracle that retrieves random numbers from random.org. iDice does not have any server architecture like traditional online gambling sites, allowing it to be fully transparent and provably fair.

iDice has already been well embraced by the cryptocurrency community. The iDice beta release has already generated $300,000 USD user profits in its first 2 months making it the fastest growing gambling game in history.

Currently, iDice is offering investors an exclusive opportunity to invest in the company by buying iDice’s special tokens with Ethereum. These tokens will grant the holder the right to claim profits from iDice’s mobile and desktop games, similar to how a preferred share pays dividends to the shareholder. Token holders will be able to enjoy the advantage of having iDice’s house edge in their favor and are statistically guaranteed to make a profit, something that no other investment is able to guarantee. iDice will only be creating a limited supply of 5 million tokens that are available during the crowdsale. No more tokens will be created after this event. The iDice team is currently giving away 30% bonus tokens to each ETH contribution for the next 4 days. The supply of 5 million tokens will not be able to keep up with demand. Leading crypto traders predict that the iDice tokens will quickly multiply in value after the ICO.
Company name: iDice
Company site: https://crowdsale.idice.io
Company contacts: Brandon Schmitz
Email: brandon.schmitz.bs@gmail.com