Who are ChainCoin HODLers?

ChainCoin HODLers are a group of people who believe in the POWER OF THE PEOPLE and started a new revolution in the Bitcoin cryptocurrency world. Their sole purpose is to work as a group and HODL(Hold On for Dear Life) ChainCoins.

(What is HODL? HODL is an internet slang for holding onto a coin instead of selling whether the market goes up or down.)

Problem with Cryptocurrency Trading

Problem with Cryptocurrency trading has always been greedy people trying to make money off innocent people entering the market. It is a zero-sum game where the smart traders make money and beginner traders lose. Even worse, cryptocurency has no regulations like stock market and there are scammers who pump & dump coins in which the scammers make 10-30X profits while people participating lose all their money. In fact, that is why Max Lee, the founder of ChainCoin HODLer movement decided he had enough of scammers winning while beginners lost all their money and never come back to cryptocurrency, leaving an ugly scar.

While cryptocurrency is slowly gearing itself towards mainstream users, bad trading experiences like this will certainly not good for our society. That is where the “HODLer” movement started, so people entering the market can make money without having to fall into pump & dump scams.

Advanced HODL Technology

By HODLing Chaincoins, ChainCoin HODLERs believe that they will be able to control majority supply of the coins and keep the prices stable. In other words, while the cryptocurrency trading world is full of traders who buy low and sell high for quick profit, ChainCoin HODLers unite their efforts so the price will go up much higher in the long term since no one is selling the coin.

History of ChainCoin HODLers

This started as an experiment between Max Lee, the founder of ChainCoin HODLer movement and a few people in his online group. At first, it was a simple experiment destined to fail but amazingly more people started believing in buying the coin and HODLing. Price of ChainCoin increased 1500% since the movement started. If you invested $1000 on July 7th, it would be $150,000 on July 14th.

In matter of just one week since starting the experiment on July 7th 2017, Chaincoin went from #300 to #50 in the cryptocurrency world, price increased 1500%. (You can check CoinMarketCap.com for current ranking of ChainCoin). Also, ChainCoin’s total market cap jumped from $1 million to $100 million dollars in ONE WEEK. As of July 14th, ChainCoin HODLers have created believers that POWER OF THE PEOPLE can really work! The small online group grew from 100 to over 2000 people in the period and many people from all over the world started buying ChainCoin and HODLing them.

As more HODLers join the biggest cryptocurrency movement around the world, the ChainCoin HODLers keep buying up all the supply of ChainCoin and gain control. This still remains an experiment by the ChainCoin group but it will be interesting to see how this plays out in the end, will the HODLers be able to beat the market?

Fighting Pump & Dumpers ChainCoin Community Needs your HELP!

As cryptocurrency is a free market, pump & dumpers have been trying to spread fake news on social media including Twitter and YouTube, their goal is to spread fear into ChainCoin HODLers and bring the price down so they can buy up coins for quick profit. We need your help, the more people who believe in the POWER OF THE PEOPLE and help out, the better chances of succeeding. So far, we have proven how a group of people online can get together and raise a coin to the next level. If you want to help the HODLers, please look into ChainCoins and spread the honest truth, that we are only this for the benefit of the whole cryptocurrency community and the online world.

Should you Invest in ChainCoin?

ChainCoin HODLers never push anyone to buy and invest in ChainCoin. In fact, they don't want you to buy ChainCoins unless you truly believe in the HODLing movement. But ChainCoin HODLers do believe in the POWER OF THE PEOPLE and this is the world's biggest HODLing movement we have seen in the Cryptocurrency world. With 1000 ChainCoins, you can also run a masternode, which earns you residual income(average of 5-6% per month, check here for current payouts).


Company name: ChainCoinHODLers

Company site: http://ChainCoinHODLers.com

Company contacts: Max Lee

Email: zedomax@gmail.com