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As we all know, interoperability is one of the biggest challenges the DeFi space is facing. Lack of an optimal user experience, flimsy security, wrapped assets and high fees are all pain-point-reasons why users still don’t benefit from the promised freedom DeFi should ensure. 

Projects are currently going out of their way to build bridges upon bridges so that people can move at least a couple of assets onto their native chain. The work that goes into this is tedious and in most cases, the end solution provided turns out to be both a security hazard and a nightmare from a UX perspective. And none of them solve the interoperability issue. 

The Chainge cross-chain roaming feature, powered by the Fusion DCRM tech does. 

Enter Chainge Universal assets

A Universal Asset is a regular asset with cross-chain superpowers, enabling it to hop to and from multiple chains instantly so users can focus on how to efficiently manage their wealth and not the blockchains behind it all. 

The chain doesn’t matter anymore. What matters are the assets and the operational possibilities. 

Universal assets also empower users to make various operations in the Chainge app that derive passive income even if the asset is “split” among multiple chains.

For example, USD Coin (USDC) is currently able to cross-chain roam in the Chainge app among a whopping 14 chains and can be sent, traded, time-framed, added to liquidity pools and more.

This necessary level of interoperability can be universally reached only by having projects work together.

Alas, unfortunately, most of the existing blockchain ecosystems are not only island ecosystems but they continue to act as isolated networks, with little to no regard for the burning need of a truly interoperable internet of value. They continue to build slow, expensive, inefficient bridges between “islands” instead of acknowledging the fast, secure and cost-efficient “underwater highways” established by Chainge Finance powered by the Fusion DCRM tech.  

Bottom line, DeFi users DESERVE better. Users deserve projects that collaborate, with the goal of an interoperable DeFi universe, which is why we extend a formal invitation to any project and project supporter out there to explore the capabilities of the Chainge.Finance technology and cross-chain roaming solution. 

Some of the benefits of cross-chain roaming are:

  • Seamlessly moving 85+ assets among 16 chains and counting, without having to go through a token bridge. 
  • Simplicity and speed in performing any cross-chain transaction with just a couple of taps via a native mobile application.
  • Saving money and time by skipping useless steps to complete cross-chain transactions.
  • 0 risk of losing assets by utilizing the Chainge.Finance decentralized application, protected by top-grade Fusion security protocols.
  • Making multiple cross-chain transactions SIMULTANEOUSLY, versus cumbersome bridges limiting one transaction at a time.

From a tech perspective, this is what happens in the background:

When a user wants to roam their assets from chain 1 to chain 2, his assets on chain 1 will be sent to an address that is controlled by multi nodes, and the same nodes, which each have a private key sharding, will sign the transaction on chain 2 to send the asset to the user. 

Check out this article to see the cross-chain roaming feature in action. 

One might argue that Centralized Exchanges provide the same kind of service, given that you can send your balance to any chain. However, there are a couple of major differences here:

CEXs don’t have real cross-chain capabilities. During transactions, a “clone” of your asset is created. That “clone” only exists and is validated by the value given to it by the CEX. Since it is centralized, the assets and exchange are at risk of being hacked, therefore, a decentralized cross-chain solution is the best protection for a user’s assets.

Though Anyswap, Fantom, Nerve and other projects have started by implementing the Fusion DCRM tech, its ideal implementation standard is now finally reached with Chainge Finance, enriching the cross-chain experience with a smooth UX, low fees, flexibility and rare integrations.

We will continue adding more blockchains, striving for projects and users to become aware and take advantage of the innovative and powerful technology at hand. Our visionary partners at Elrond Network are our most recent integration into the Chainge.Finance ecosystem.

To conclude, the Cross-chain roaming feature — bringing to the table Universal Assets — is amazing simply because of its uniqueness. This level of interoperability can’t be matched and won’t be matched for a VERY long time. 

So fams, the undeniably best cross-chain interoperability solution is here. 

Will you use it?

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