Coinroom was created in the minds of the creators in early 2015 and since then it has evolved greatly. It is currently in the final stages of beta testing and will soon be available to users from all over the world.

For the Coinroom creation, there are people from the financial sector, who see their future in digital currency. They use qualified programmers responsible for the implementation of the project.

Coinroom owners have ambitious plans. They want to open in the coming months offices and representative offices in many countries in both Europe and Asia. Of course, they focus on Central and Eastern Europe where many see their great prospects. They are also looking for partners who undertake to keep the business in countries such as Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, China and India.

Its users will be provided with cutting-edge financial solutions found among others in the Forex market, including leverage, many kinds of orders with conditional closing, bill payment at the beginning in the whole of Europe, debit cards linked to digital currencies, the possibility of buying and selling of digital currencies by currency exchange for the not logged in or stock exchange for more advanced users. In the near future, they plan to implement support for international payments through the platform Coinroom and Escrow for their protection.

The platform is to be "user-friendly" it means that eg. verification of the user in the European Union will be required from trading exceeded more than 15,000 Euro. Verification will be available for deposits and withdrawals instantly accessible by known payment processors. Fees from transaction to be very competitive. As one of the few exchanges, Coinroom wants to introduce a large number of popular digital currencies, for this example: Monero (XMR) or recently trendy ZCash (ZEC). The standard will be: hotline, chat on the website and service by e-mail.

In terms of safety Coinroom maintains the highest safety standards:

  • Cold Wallets fully offline
  • Hot Wallet secured by own funds of Coinroom
  • Encryption, collocation, decentralized database
  • Regular Penetration testing and stress
  • Regular security audit of the whole platform
  • Accessible two-component authentication

Coinroom starts in Poland, a country that is at the forefront of Europe in terms of digital currencies turnover. If all goes according to the plan we will be able to use the platform already before Christmas.


Company name: Coinroom 
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Company contacts: CEO Tomasz Wiewióra