CoinsBank Blockchain Party 2016
Gloria Serenity Resort,
Belek, Turkey
October 6-9, 2016

Observing and participating in the development of Blockchain industry, CoinsBank confidently is going forward by creating safer systems for Clients. Started from simply bitcoin trading operations, the platform has evolved more and more to a Bank with its full set of products and opportunities to Clients on the basis of Blockchain platform.

With great pleasure CoinsBank introduces set of new products and possibilities, which will allow to its Clients to feel more secure, get new benefits and help better manage their time and facilities.

CoinsBank’s new type of safe wallet is based on Multisignature hardware. Access to this wallet is similar to bank’s deposit box. By using safe wallet, Client can be sure that no one else except him will get assess to his funds. For making any kind of operation is needed to be used 2 keys - one of them are kept by Client and other by bank.  

Wallets are supported by COPay, Keep Key, Ledger, Trezor and etc.

CoinsBank will starts this product offering in a few next days. Firstly, comes wallets supported by COPay and then the others.

As an additional possibility for safe wallet users will be suggested Lending possibilities in fiat currency. It can open new opportunities for Client’s private life and business. Platform’s Clients will use individual credit line possibilities which will be suggested on individual conditions. Safe cryptocurrency wallet can be used as a guarantee for a credit line in fiat currency without any exchange. Clients could feel safe from currency fluctuations. CoinsBank is ready for suggesting individual approach solutions and solutions to each customer.

By joining the millions of people in the world who use and trust Visa and MasterCard every day CoinsBank satisfy it’s customers desires by suggesting 6 types of payment cards since starting of platform's active developing. For the safety of cardholders data CoinsBank is certified by PCI DSS Security Standard. Bitcoin cards can be used at any place in the world where Visa or MasterCard cards are accepted. It doesn’t matter in which currency transaction will be done, CoinsBank will make automatic real-time currency or cryptocurrency exchange by actual rate. Therefore, Clients can get access to their funds wherever they are and whatever they do.

The flow of Client’s funds can be easily controlled by receiving SMS confirmation for any deal with the card, therefore no one cent will leave the card imperceptible for Client.

One more good news - CoinsBank successfully has finished testing processes and finally is glad to announce that trading is now opened to all its users. Clients can use all currency trading possibilities and earn more by operating with the most used types of exchange deals like Market exchange, Limited orders, Stop loss and Take profit.

The next introducing was CoinsBank developing process of Live support product which is coming soon. After its implementation every Client will be able to get a personal approach, high quality service and also fast solving of any kind everyday’s and irregular’s issues. It’s will be On-line dialogue with CoinsBank professional support team.

And finally CoinsBank with pleasure presented unique corporate solutions opportunities for which Clients have been asking so much and have been waiting for so long!

CoinsBank team is working on so that Corporate Clients and it’s staff could get new benefits and be able more effectively manage their time and facilities.

CoinsBank has started offering account opening for corporate clients with the possibility of getting full value Bank services by operating their Corporate accounts using blockchain. That includes such benefits as payment cards for employees (for getting salary payments), corporate payment cards for everyday business expenses, employees access to the account balances with different access powers, information by SMS about transactions, lending possibilities and many more services suggested as by Bank, and by Blockchain.

CoinsBank invites all people who are interested in using Blockchain services and Banks provided products to join it’s platform - and discover new tendency in fast growing and attractive Blockchain industry!