Cointal is the one website you've been waiting for. So far, we may have seen many Peer-to-Peer Marketplaces, but none concerned themselves with procuring any feature that would reassure all traders at once.

First of all, no P2P marketplace has ever proposed more than two cryptocurrencies at once. On Cointal, you can choose the deal that suits you the most and buy/sell the most promising cryptocurrencies so as to exchange it for cash later on.

For the moment, Bitcoin (BTC), Ripple (XRP), Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC) are already available for traders on the platform. Cointal is aiming to become the first centralized Multi-cryptocurrency P2P Marketplace encompassing all fancied cryptocurrencies.

Thanks to their partnership with BitGo Platform, an all-in-one wallet is offered and made available once signed up. More cryptocurrencies will be added. The list will be stretched even more. They're targeting at least 10 different cryptocurrencies to be made available before early-2018. Charging you only 1% fee for selling, Cointal allows you to register and to buy any available cryptocurrency, for free.
Also, this marketplace proposes multiple payment methods, for example: (Bank Transfer, Cash in Person, Credit/Debit Card, Gift Cards, Money Gram, Neteller, Paypal, Skrill, Western Union, etc.)

Having been scammed for too long, traders are forcibly looking for more security, more payment facilities, smoother transactions, and being able to experience the trade however they feel like without fear. Furthermore, Cointal integrates free insurance for everyone who uses their website. Anyone who suffered from a scam while using Cointal will immediately get a refund.

The social aspect plays an integral role for the company. Social features such as Social Chat, private messaging (without opening a trade) will be made available from day one, along with all fashionable social networks, keeping you updated and always in contact with the team.

Looking good until now? Well, there's more!

Given the fact that Cointal's team regroups many ambitious traders, their first reflex was to get inspired by their predecessors' marketplaces and exchange platforms.  Be it design, professionalism, swiftness or promptness, Cointal has a major concern: to have all of the above incorporated in one single place.

All business endeavors are fully secure and compatible with any platform. Be it phone, tablet or computer, Cointal provides a service that includes:

  • Escrow (financial arrangement where a third party holds and regulates payment of the funds required for two parties involved in a given transaction) + Feed-back system (for a better experience).
  • No deposit or withdrawal limits for all the cryptocurrencies.
  • A multi-secure wallet provided by BitGo Instant (allows on-chain, zero confirm and instant transactions between participants).
  • A complete support platform (Live Chat, phone number, support tickets).
  • An awesome affiliate program (Users earn a percentage on each transaction made by their referrals.).
  • Anti-hacking platform (DDoS, Phishing, hacking and social frauds, etc.) which makes the two-step verification system mandatory.
  • Mobile app (that will be available before fall 2017).
  • Worldwide service + full transparency of the team.

On to the serious business now.

Cointal offers a special treatment to the first comers. Given the fact that we haven't launched our platform yet, we are willing to create a small and trusted community before the official launch. The First members are given some privileged advantages.

  1. The first 1000 subscribers will be exempt from all charges for their first 100.000,00 USD trade volume.
  2. Their profiles will be given a significant label: << Cointal Builder >> that will improve their reputation within the community.
  3. They will be eligible to apply to be moderators in the social chat, the blog and even the Cointal forum.
  4. In case of any problem with their account, their requests will be given first priority, without support tickets; they can instantly request a phone call to resolve their issues.
  5. Once every month, three (3) of these lucky members will be randomly given 10.000,00 usd worth of BTC.

Their Website is almost ready.

Actually, they are still working on some final adjustments.

However, they welcome you to check their gallery to see how it looks like:

To benefit from these special features and be one of the firsts to join their platform before the launching, they have created a subscription page. You can find the link down below.

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