The fifth Blockchain International Scientific Conference, the annual flagship event of the British Blockchain Association, will return on March 18, 2023 as an in-person event to be held in Manchester, United Kingdom. Early-bird registrations are open now.

The conference will bring the world’s most innovative scholars, thought-leaders and trailblazers in the Web3, blockchain and crypto space to educate, inform and inspire attendees.

Why attend ISC2023:

  • Meeting point conference of blockchain enterprise, government and academia.
  • Keynotes from thought-leaders in the field of blockchain and crypto assets.
  • Guest Speeches from policymakers, regulators and senior government officials.
  • Cutting-edge industry research presentations from leading blockchain institutions, excellence hubs and think-tanks.
  • Groundbreaking case studies and peer-reviewed blockchain abstracts from 23 universities and research centers.
  • Close-knit networking, buffet dinner and drinks.
  • Fellowship and Best Abstracts Awards ceremony.
  • Eight hours of blockchain CPD (certificate of attendance provided) issued on the blockchain as proof of attendance (NFT POAP) certificates.

Only 35 early-bird tickets are available.

Those wishing to sponsor the ISC2023 or become an academic partner can contact Brian Scudder, BBA’s deputy secretary.

About the British Blockchain Association

Established in 2017, the British Blockchain Association (BBA) is the world’s leading industry body advancing evidence-based adoption of distributed ledger technology (DLT). BBA has authored the U.K.’s National Blockchain Roadmap and is home to The JBBA — Journal of The British Blockchain Association, the Center for Evidence-Based Blockchain, The Blockchain Associations Forum, BBA Fellowships, Blockchain International Scientific Conferences and other world-class blockchain initiatives. BBA also has its headquarters in the Metaverse. BBA’s president has been awarded the King’s Honor (the U.K.’s most prestigious national honor) for his services to blockchain.