The 2nd Blockchain International Scientific Conference (#ISC2020) is coming back to Edinburgh on 11 March 2020. 

The conference will bring the world's most innovative scholars, thought-leaders and trail blazers in the Blockchain space to educate, inform, excite and inspire attendees. 

A glimpse at some of the ground-breaking research projects and case- studies being presented at ISC2020: 

  • Public Services, UK Digital Economy Act and Blockchain – What Next? 
  • Quantum Attacks on Critical Blockchain Infrastructures – What could go wrong? 
  • What happens when your DNA goes on the Blockchain? 
  • Six Principles of International Blockchain jurisdiction... 
  • $80 Billion global fraud and the role of Blockchain... 
  • Three Vital steps in the evaluation of Cryptocurrency Cyber- laundering... 
  • Who will be responsible for the Governance of 8 Trillion GDP on the Blockchain? 
  • Can we design platforms to detect vulnerability attacks on blockchains? 
  • Diversity of Actors and the Blockchain Ecosystem – is harmonisation possible? 
  • Which is the best model and framework for Blockchain-based securities? 
  • Malware and Virus attacks on Blockchain – Can we stop them? 
  • Regulating Tokens – is your country a laggard? 
  • Which is the most robust programming language for Blockchain? 
  • IoT and Blockchain – The future of Smart Cities... 
  • Is Aviation Industry about to be disrupted by Blockchain? 
  • GDPR, Mining, and Privacy – Playing by the rules of the game? 


Meeting point Conference of Blockchain Industry & Academia with scholars from 25 top universities speaking at the event 

  • Ground-breaking, Cutting-edge research, reviews, and in-depth Analyses 
  • Connect with Enterprises & Institutions Looking for World-class researchers 
  • Blockchain Industry experts, Thought leaders and Influencers under one roof 
  • State-of-the-art Venue - Craiglockhart Campus, Edinburgh Napier University 

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