On May 3, the Crypto Art Museum, in partnership with Superchief Gallery NFT and Chatex, introduced a new online exhibition: The New Sincerity. 

The irony and cynicism of postmodernism have been abandoned, giving way to the concept of “new sincerity,” where authenticity becomes the focal point. In the spirit of this new concept, we ought to open up to one another and exchange love and support.

Art is the best way to implement this concept, as art has no borders or obstructions. Despite restricted mobility, we invite artists worldwide to share their current thoughts and feelings through their art. 

Guests can see how artworks reflect this concept with the link to original nonfungible tokens by famous crypto artists, such as Beeple, Hackatao, Mad Dog Jones, Pak, Elena Sheidlina, Slimesunday, XCopy, Steve Aoki and Antoni Tudisco, as well as a collaboration of 42 artists from CIS countries both from digital and traditional art symbolizing unity and love.

The exhibition will be launched on an easy-to-access platform where visitors can easily enjoy art through any device. For those who want to view the exhibition but may be reluctant because of a lack of understanding surrounding such a new industry, the event organizers are going to offer an audio guide to help the event’s guests. 

Link to the exhibition here.

About the exhibition’s concept: The New Sincerity

At the beginning of 2020, we all found ourselves locked up and bound by the fear of uncertainty. The world changed irreversibly, setting unfamiliar limitations and affecting the lives of many. As a result, for some, moving forward meant beginning a journey in introspection and deep diving into their inner world. Undergoing such a process guides individuals to build new habits, attitudes and appreciation toward the precious moments of intimacy with loved ones more so than ever before.

We are now at the point where we are ready to change the world around us, and we truly believe that every minute step we take toward a better future helps our society to improve.

Despite restricted mobility, we invite artists worldwide to share their current thoughts and feelings through their art. We are calling on artists to open their hearts and create something that is relevant to the present moment — something that appeals to your cultural background, the current situation in your country/town/family/planet Earth. At our exhibition, we give you the voice to tell your story to a worldwide audience.

Let every little voice be heard and let the changes for good commence.

About the organizers

CryptoArtMuseum was founded by an international team of professionals from different spheres — crypto, art, design and business. Our aim is to show that nonfungible tokens are not just hype but that it is a new stage in art history that gives new opportunities to both artists and art lovers. We are all passionate about innovations and want to make them useful for the development of our society. Our project is not just an online museum; we plan to support talented artists, educate collectors, and make a contribution to the heritage of our generation. The CryptoArtMuseum Foundation is a non-commercial organization to help NFT art to develop as a full-fledged sphere of art.