After 2 years of testing and distribution, we are now looking to find a distributor/s for Rimbit who have the userbase and the facilities to act as primary distribution channels.

Rimbit is a Crypto Currency and the only Crypto that is not tied down to the manipulation of Mining companies/farms/hardware

Rimbit is 100% complete and there is no additional coins that have to be mined, making it stable as a Crypto Currency, regardless of the mining markets and other additional influences.
Currently, Rimbit is transferred between users via PC wallets and Android Device wallets.

Our only current issue is that our distribution channels are extremely slow and by increasing the distribution and also being endorsed by some major distribution outlets, we can not only move Rimbit to the people at an expedited rate, but we can also increase its value from $0.015 to a goal of $3.00, if history of the Crypto Currency market is an indication of what endorsements can achieve.

As part of "chasing down Banks and or other financial institutions", we welcome an individual or group that has the right connections or the stamina to make deals happen, in return for a 10% broker reward when the deal is done

With over 200,000,000 Rimbit available, any deal established should be extremely rewarding to the Buyer, Broker, User-base and of course the Rimbit development team!

We envisage these lots to be purchased by Banks or similar, around the world to add to products that can be offered by these distribution companies, with the addition of “Accounts” being setup to handle the Crypto Currency in a secure environment for customers, much like current online Banking Accounts.

Everything is in place and over 2 years of trading has occurred with Rimbit and in not 1 solitary instance, has Rimbit been affected by “mining” which we have completely removed from the system, that is the current burden of all other Crypto Currency on the market.

All Verification's and Confirmations of transactions are done simply by the users of Rimbit, from their wallets, unlike all other Crypto Currencies, that relies on the “miners” to process verification and confirmations, thereby being in direct control of the transfer speeds, distribution outlets and of course the ability to set a selling price as they dictate.

This makes Rimbit very unique in the market with no control of the currency, ever being in the hands of 3rd party actors.

This in no way impacts current Rimbit holders and in fact, should increase their investment by many 100’s of percent!

More information about Rimbit can be found here: