is a crypto currency gambling site where you can play Dice, Blackjack, Slot, Roulette and Lottery. They accept a wide range of crypto currencies which includes but not limited to Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash and Ethereum. Anyone can start to play for free as there are faucets for every coin which hands out free coins upon your request. Crypto-Games also has the lowest house edge out there which is quite beyond belief!

Remarkable Features


Crypto-Games allows you to play for free on their casino through the faucet feature which can be found at the “rewards” tab. A request can be made for free coins if your balance is empty and once every three minutes. The amount of coins you can receive depends on your faucet level. The higher the level, the more coins you receive. You can receive up to 20.5k satoshi if you complete certain achievements such as wagering amount, chat activity, referral commission, loyalty and by being an investor. It’s actually pleasing and challenging to complete these achievements which makes Crypto-Games a fun site to gamble at.
Deposit and Withdrawals:

Depositing funds requires only one network confirmation. Withdrawals are easy and almost instant with no extra fees to pay. All fees are handled by the site.


This site is packed with an advance auto betting system which allows you to bet automatically. With this feature you can play with different bet strategies and is very easy to set up. After setting a bet size and pay-out multiplier, you can now choose various options provided by the bot. You can choose to increase or decrease, roll high/low, total rolls you want to make or stop after certain profit/loss is made. Besides there are more options available and not to mention you are able to choose more than one option at once. Head to and check it out for yourself. We can assuredly say that this is one of the most advanced bot you have ever seen.

Chat and RainBot

The chat box is another remarkable feature of Crypto-Games which makes the community more vivid and vibrant. Chat box allows you to interact with other gamblers while you play dice, blackjack, lotto or slots. Users can share their experience or their thoughts through the chat box. Moreover, the chat box is moderated by community moderators so users can have a clean environment to chat. Crypto-Games expect community members to treat each other with respect, even when they don’t deserve it!
Interacting with users is actually rewarding, as users who are active in chat receives free coins from RainBot. RainBot is an advanced AI bot which gives away free coins after some interval of time to users who were active in chat. However, users who spam by talking nonsense will receive less reward or not at all as this bot is advanced enough to catch spammers. Moreover, the more chat activity the user has, the higher their faucet level grows.
There is also an international chat channel for foreign users to talk to each other in their own language, in addition with a VIP channel for veteran users.


Crypto-Games has one of the best support system. They can be contacted through Email with a fast response time and your problems or questions will be solved and answered without any hassle. You can also contact their friendly moderator staffs who are available almost 24/7 at chat box to solve your problems.


Site is offering investments in 8 cryptocurrencies. Invested coins become part of house bankroll and while players are winning/losing, investors win or lose their coins. Since house has advantage over players, investors should profit on the long run. Crypto-Games is showing proof of funds with their cold addresses.

Provably Fair

According to Wikipedia, “In online gambling provably fair describes an algorithm which can be analyzed and verified for fairness on the part of the service operator.” In other words, provably fair is a tool that enables the player to verify each betting result and make sure the bets are not being altered to favour the casino and that you are not being cheated. Crypto-Games implements this feature so that users can gamble safely and fairly. Every user can verify their bets easily and without any trouble. is more than just a typical and normal gambling site. It has a friendly community and is packed with astonishing features which makes it one of the best gambling platform and juts out from other gambling casinos.


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