Cryptoforecast is a trading tool to identify the inversions of trend and ride them from the beginning. Suitable for any markets, time frames and trader characteristics, Cryptoforecast offers a solid and reliable column where you can build your trading strategy.

Cryptoforecast is a new tool both for professional and amateur traders that aims at helping users to identify the inversions of trend and ride them from the beginning.

Before Cryptoforecast this procedure was extremely difficult and could induce traders to make mistakes.

Conversely, Cryptoforecast does not replace the market analysis related to resistance, supports, oscillators and moving averages, but it is a natural compendium, as it can be the foundation of any predictive decision, by anticipating the market.

The Cryptoforecast PILLAR algorithm is constantly updated, being able to adapt to new markets and in different time frames for any type of trading.

This way, we offer a flexible and scalable tool, which is able to give an approximate indication of trend, very close to reality.

Of course, it is impossible to predict the market, but our algorithm, the PILLAR, has been tested both on historic basis and real market.

It is a software easily understandable and usable for anyone and it is able to give signals that can bring to excellent results, if they are read properly.

Cryptoforecast and BetQuote

BetQuote is a system that will be implemented as sentiment tool next to Cryptoforecast.

BetQuote is primarily focused on providing data to improve the platform quantitative calculation. This data should originate from a system with a certain timestamp, which remains unchanging over time and easily accessible and verifiable by anyone.

This way, users who enjoy Cryptoforecast, can enter one or more predictions with a visibility of a specific period. The system records users’ forecast, checks the payment and proceeds to write them on the blockchain.

In the event of a correct prediction. Cryptoforecast will determine a ranking, and will award the top 3 most accurate predictions.

Try Cryptoforecast demo

Starting from April 1st, 2017, and for the whole month, users can try Cryptoforecast demo for free.

We are really proud of this feature because there are only a few ICOs which offer users a preview before the beginning of the ICO itself.

Cryptoforecast ICO

After a year of work and strong results, we have carried out a tool we are offering to anyone who wants to have a solid and reliable column on which to build their own personal trading strategies.

Cryptoforecast, in fact, is launching its Initial Coin Offering (ICO) on April 15th for the Cryptoforecast tokens (CFT), an omni asset secured by the Bitcoin blockchain.

Every ICO participant will receive its portion of assets expressed in CFT. You can participate by using both bitcoin and altcoins. Cryptoforecast will be available as soon as the ICO will end, on May 19th.

Join Cryptoforecast ICO now.

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