CV Summit is Switzerland’s flagship blockchain event, the epicenter of Web3, and the place where the utility of blockchain — Web3’s foundational technology — is showcased. CV Summit is less about speculation and more about action.

Switzerland and its unique blend of the traditional financial world and the next generation of blockchain tech applications is where Web2 and Web3 coexist and create successful synergies. It is not just the regulatory landscape that brings progression but the Swiss mindset.
At CV Summit, learn how companies are transforming the way the world interacts and transacts. Find out why Switzerland has the highest number of blockchain startups globally, at 12.9 startups per 100,000 people. Featuring global corporate speakers, it is the anchor Swiss blockchain and Web3 event. Mathias Ruch, CEO and co-founder of CV VC will welcome delegates. Heinz Tännler, Government Councillor and president of the Swiss Blockchain Federation, will open the CV Summit, hosted by Sabinije von Gaffke.
If you cannot attend in person, make sure you join virtually. To do so, register here: CV Summit.
Join the 70 speakers, startups, global corporates, journalists and investors set to discuss the socioeconomic impacts of Web3 and blockchain technology across CV Summit’s stage in Theater Casino, Zug, from Sept. 14 to 15, 2022.

  • Interact with global corporations including Citi Ventures, Google and Visa, which will demonstrate their activity at the intersection of Web2 and Web3.
  • Connect with Swiss crypto financial players SDX, Sygnum, Portofino and Bitcoin Suisse.
  • Experience the Swiss pioneers who are tokenizing the real world, Aktionariat and Eternyze.
  • Meet the leaders behind the Web3 Tech layers 0, layer 1 and layer 2 protocols, including Prasaga, Web3 Foundation and CasperLabs.
  • Discover how the Web3 industry addresses pressing questions regarding compliance, scalability and security with Lukka, Cartesi and CertiK.
  • Get to know many of Crypto Valley’s 1,218 blockchain companies, unicorns and infrastructure builders.
  • Meet global VCs powering brilliant minds.
  • Immerse in the NFT and Metaverse spaces.
  • Connect with the most relevant partners to you using our networking app.

With seven previous editions, over 4,500 previous physical attendees, and 8,600 livestream viewers, CV Summit is not to be missed.

Physical attendees may also enjoy the five experience zones taking place throughout:

  • Zone 1: The NFT gallery — showcases some amazing pieces, including a huge diamond worth 500,000 Swiss francs, and statues from Jani Leinonen’s Seven Deadly Sins collection (weighing about 500 kg each). Other artists on display are Wendy Yu, Dirk Koy and Philipp Schaerer.
  • Zone 2: The Metaverse zone — multiple immersive experiences.
  • Zone 3: The partner and Web3 talent hub is the place to be if you are considering a job in Web3.
  • Zone 4: The startup zone — features blockchain startups and their founders. ‍
  • Zone 5: The networking lounge — for attendees looking to expand their professional network.

As a blockchain hub in Switzerland, Crypto Valley is not just a place — it is a mindset that is epitomized by mature industry makers. CV Summit is where industry participants convene with corporates and others who are not only exploring possible uses of blockchain technology, but are already leveraging it. 

CV Summit 2022 takes a closer look at what blockchain has accomplished to date and how it is changing the way the world trusts, interacts and transacts. In particular, it will focus on scalability and utility, and will showcase how companies are no longer simply watching and speculating but acting on the technology of the century. CV Summit is where blockchain meets the world and showcases utility over speculation.

Topic and keynote highlights

  • Smart money in the market
  • Re(DeFi)ning capitalism
  • The future is phygital
  • State of Web3 tech
  • The African continent.
  • The role of CBDCs and stablecoins in the evolution of capital and crypto markets 
  • Why regulation matters in the Metaverse
  • How to rob a bank in Web3
  • Tech builders in Crypto Valley — unicorns in the making
  • Google on Web3
  • Visa on breaking the friction between crypto and fiat money

At CV Summit, get up close and personal with leaders at the intersection of Web2 and Web3 and those leapfrogging with groundbreaking achievements in security tokens, CBDCs, DeFi, NFTs and the Metaverse. 


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