DAOPlanet, an organization committed to helping over 10 million entities adopt DAO principles and tools, is hosting its second annual Decentralized Autonomous Organization event, DAODenver 2023. Taking place from Feb. 27 to March 1, DAOPlanet’s DAODenver is a three-day side event during ETHDenver’s BUIDL Week, which is expected to be the largest side event of ETHDenver 2023.

The event is entirely devoted to the subjects impacting DAOs, and the conference will host many of the top DAOs, individuals and organizations contributing to the DAO ecosystem. With a packed schedule, each of DAODenver’s three days will be full of interactive panels and engaging discussions. The event’s organizers are excited to host organizations making major announcements while inspiring attendees with what’s now possible in the DAO space.

Aimed at bringing together the entire DAO community, DAODenver will be free for all attendees and feature industry-leading speakers from around the world to shine light on the recent innovations and organizations at the forefront of Web3 and decentralization. There has been a massive spike in DAOs, numbering over 6,000 active DAOs in the latter half of 2022, with treasuries totaling around $20 billion. With mainstream interest in remote work and job autonomy continuing to grow, decentralized workplace structures will continue to enter the spotlight as practical solutions come to the fore to meet this growing demand. DAOPlanet looks to shine a light on the development and adoption of solutions supporting decentralization through media, education and live events like DAODenver.

This year’s speaker lineup includes representatives from Charmverse, Alliance DAO, Dora Hacks, CollabLand, Meta Gamma Delta, ConsenSys, Juicebox DAO and Aragon.

Steven Echtman, founder and core team member of DAOPlanet, said:

“This event aligns with our mission to foster growth and adoption of solutions for the decentralized space. We’re excited to be collaborating with so many great people and communities spearheading the future of work. We are excited for our second annual DAODenver event, which builds upon last year’s success. I look forward to seeing and hearing from all the people bringing their passion for decentralized collaboration to DAODenver. Being on the ground floor with the organizing team, I believe it’s going to be a very special gathering, and seen as a watershed event for the community.”

In addition to the impressive speaker lineup, there are a number of renowned organizations participating and sponsoring the event, including MetisDAO Foundation, Koris, CityDAO, DaoLens, Near Foundation, DeSci.Denver, MIDAO, MoonDAO, Juicebox, Kazm, Unlock, Oasis, Lobby3 and DoraHacks.

MetisDAO Foundation and Koris are among the top organizations that contribute to the DAO ecosystem, and will be participating in DAODenver. MetisDAO Foundation and Koris will be showcasing some of the groundbreaking innovations emerging within the industry that have recently taken mainstream interest by storm.

Pavel Sinelnikov, co-founder and CEO of Koris, said:

“We look forward to participating in DAODenver this year, and are excited for the opportunity to showcase the new technologies emerging in the industry. This event will be the perfect space to encourage and foster the onboarding of next-generation businesses and communities to the Web3 ecosystem.” 

Registration for DAODenver 2023 is open now, and the full list of speakers is up on the site.

About DAOPlanet

DAOPlanet envisions greater representation for individuals within communities, organizations, businesses and the entire world, achieved through the integration and proliferation of DAO principles and Web3 tools. As demand increases for more autonomy and flexibility in where, when and how people work, organizational structures will have to adapt to accommodate the “new normal.” DAOPlanet’s mission is to deliver access to strategies, tools and practices that support greater individual productivity, flexibility and representation within all organizations.