Darcrus is a new blockchain startup that aims to disrupt the way companies store, manage, verify, and recover their data. The team behind Darcrus, led by blockchain veteran and founder of Sigwo Technologies, Steven Grove, has recently launched its ongoing crowdfunding campaign which has been a success so far, with more than 463 Bitcoin gathered in the first days. The escrow is being handled through the Coinbase Vault, in which two out of the three escrow key holders must authorize a withdrawal. Early investors can take advantage of the current 25% bonus in order to purchase DAR tokens in the Initial Coin Offering. This bonus will end on the 27th of November, making way for a more modest bonus of 15%.

The software created by Darcrus will be used by businesses looking to improve their infrastructure, with some companies already showing interest in the advantages provided by decentralized applications, dapps. Development of the prototype already started and it is expected to be released before the end of ICO. First updates on the Graphic User Interface (GUI) will be shown for the first time next week.

The value proposition behind the Darcrus token (DAR) and its ICO can be found in its buyback program that will allow a percentage of profits generated by SIGFARM mining operation and from direct client sales/consulting to be used to purchase Darcrus tokens  from the sell books of the major exchanges. These tokens will then be burnt, thus reducing the total supply of tokens.

The Darcrus project will focus on developing software solutions for companies that want to enjoy the benefits that blockchain technology has brought us. Darcrus will utilize the best blockchains and platforms available. While there are currently three projects lined up to be developed and released during the course of 2017, dAppsheet will be the first one, with its release scheduled for May 2017.

Created to disrupt the way that companies handle their most precious commodity: information, dAppsheets is an easy-to-use application that enables companies to have robust copies of their databases wherever a dAppsheet node is running, allowing them to have an immutable and verifiable database that is reproduced in multiple locations that act as data recovery offices for each other. This ensures that no server downtime is possible and that in the case of an event your business will not see service disruption or data loss. To learn more about the inner workings of dAppsheet and Darcrus, take a look at the first version of the whitepaper or read the F.A.Q page, created to answer any question that may linger after reading the documentation.

The Dracrus team will also ensure that companies can make a smooth transition into a blockchain-based system with the highest ease and security by providing consultancy services.

The Darcrus Initial Coin Offering period will last until December 11th. You can join community bounty programs and follow the latest news through the official Slack or bitcointalk forum.


Company name: Darcrus
Company site: https://darcr.us
Company contacts: steven@darcr.us
Email: contact@coremedia.info