August 11, 2017: SGG utility token developed specially for the needs of decentralized eCommerce platform StuffGoGo community is being offered to supporters and early adopters of the ecosystem in upcoming crowdsale.  28-days crowdsale starts at Saturday, August 12, 2017 6:00 AM UTC and will continue until Saturday, September 9, 2017 6:00 AM UTC. During crowdsale 500 million  SGG tokens would be available for purchase. 1 ETH will buy 5000 SGG tokens.

With SGG tokens users of distributed online eCommerce platform StuffGoGo can instantly obtain VIP status, conduct payments and micropayments, incentivise reviews, establish buyer and seller transaction guarantees and reputation management and enjoy in-platform premium services such as online stores, promoted listings and placements, search keywords, internal domain names, listings in commercial categories (real estate, auto dealers, etc). StuffGoGo is targeting mobile eCommerce market which BI Intelligence, Business Insider's premium research service forecasts only for US to reach $284 billion, or 45% of the total US e-commerce market, by 2020.

StuffGoGo Platform

StuffGoGo (SGG) is a totally different approach to online eCommerce which addresses many pitfalls of existing platforms such as eBay or Craigslist. It’s a fully decentralized ecosystem of peer-to-peer connected nodes with no servers in between composed from a mobile devices of the users running StuffGoGo app.  StuffGoGo platform natively integrates various cryptocurrency payment options.

StuffGoGo allows users to interact and exchange payment directly with no middleman. Because there is no one in the middle of your transactions there are no fees, no restrictions, no accounts to create, and you only reveal the personal information that you choose. StuffGoGo platform puts emphasis on privacy, security, scalability, reliability and zero-fees platform use.

StuffGoGo ICO

Maximum cap for SGG tokens is set at 1 billion. Out of total, 500 million SGG tokens would be available to purchase at crowdsale. 380 million tokens would be set aside for StuffGoGo platform utility use after its launch. 20 million tokens are allocated for an ICO social marketing campaign. 100 million tokens would be distributed among the team members.

SGG ICO is an Ethereum based and offers 20% bonus for participants purchasing tokens in the first 2 days of crowdsale. Minimum purchase amount is 500 SGG (0.1 ETH) and maximum is 15 million SGG (3000 ETH).

More information about crowdsale is available on the official website

Company name: STUFFGOGO
Company site:
Company contact: Vlad Tereshkov