From DeFi to decentralized social media, from buying NFTs to minting a decentralized identity, Web3 has changed the way data is owned, moved and shared. But what will all these changes mean to everyday people? What does meaningful ownership of our personal data even look like? Join DeData for a deep dive into all of this and more on Sept. 12 at the DeData Salon in Berlin.

Taking place at the stunning Spreespeicher from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm CET, the Salon is kicking Berlin Blockchain Week off in style. Leading speakers, including Bruce Pon from Ocean Protocol, Julien Bouteloup from StakeDAO, Blackpool and Rekt News, Evin McMullen from DIsco XYZ, and Dylan Dewdney from Kylin Network/NFT3 will get together to discuss the challenges and opportunities of working with decentralized data — DeData. Other speakers at the summit represent some of the most exciting projects in the DeData space, including IPFS, Mina Protocol, Civic Technologies and iExec. 

“The intersection of data, blockchain and identity will be the single-most important nexus to consider for the proliferation of not only numerous new efficiencies and business models, but a positive evolution in how we collectively live our lives. We stand at a juncture in history, and we need to ensure that we take the correct fork in the road: one of individual sovereignty over our data — DeData — and all the minds at this conference are gathered to pioneer our way,” said Dylan Dewdney, founder and lead initiator of NFT3

“I’m excited to share a perspective on how IPFS and Filecoin shape the future of the data economy. Events like the Dedata Salon play an important role in rallying the developer community and facilitating the exchange of perspectives and ideas to make the web more decentralized, robust and secure,” said Lukas Bresser from ecosystem growth at Protocol Labs.

The DeData Salon is a small, high-quality networking event, with only 125 tickets on sale. Bounce your ideas off leaders in the blockchain space while enjoying gourmet catering, getting pampered in the lounge or hitting golf balls into the Spree. There are free passes reserved for students and independent developers, while the first 50 passes are going for 50% off for a limited time only — full VIP access to the DeData Salon costs just 100€.

DeData’s afterparty will be taking place across the Spree at Watergate, from 8:00 pm to late. A Berlin institution for more than 20 years, Watergate features on almost every list of Berlin’s best clubs. With a record label of its own, the club is known for top quality music, its state-of-the-art sound system and its beautiful river views. The event’s lineup of DJs, who have played some of the biggest festivals in Germany, will ensure DeData kicks Berlin Blockchain Week off in true Berlin fashion: with techno and an open bar. 

Hosted by title sponsors Kylin Network and NFT3, the DeData Salon is the very first in-person edition of the DeData Conference — where Polkadot Founder Gavin Wood debated Edward Snowden on the future of data privacy, which took place online in late 2021.

Be sure to follow the event’s profile on Twitter and check out the website to stay up-to-date on all the latest from DeData.

About the Organizers

DeData is hosted by DeData Studios, a consortium of projects working at the forefront of decentralized data. The summit’s program is produced by Party Action People, organizers of the Blockchain Oracle Summit.