The first international Web3 Conference in the Caucasus Region was hosted in Georgia, Tbilisi on Oct. 22 and 23. It was organized by DeGameFi in partnership with the Bank of Georgia, Binance, CoinsPaid, Cointelegraph, ChainSafe, Kettari and many others.

The conference was planned to gather a high-level audience from crypto all over the world including Venture Capital funds, Angel investors, crypto media outlets, Georgian government representatives, famous NFT artists, famous crypto companies and prospective startups. The two-day conference had seven areas: the main stage, silver stage with tech talks, exhibition area, NFT gallery, startup competition, a speed networking dating/HR room and a VIP area. 

The successful event surpassed all expectations, with a whopping attendance of over 1,200 people on both days compared to the planned attendance of 1,000. The main conference room and the tech room were both filled to the brim. Overall, the feedback received was overwhelmingly positive.

Some notable features of the event: 

  • Business expo: A separate area dedicated to local and international crypto companies, DeFi, and GameFi projects with the sole purpose of providing networking and brand showcasing opportunities for different startups and projects. One of the most notable GameFi projects that graced the business expo was Arena Games, a GameFi solution brand with a vision of bridging Web 2 games into the Web 3 gaming industry via blockchain solutions. 
  • Lectures and workshops: Two days of lectures and workshops on the most interesting blockchain, DeFi, GameFi and NFT topics delivered by some of the best tech and blockchain industry leaders and experts who were invited to talk about useful industry products and share their knowledge and experience. Among the notable people who spoke during the event were Tone Vays, Louri Galitchenko, Fehmi Fennia, Manuel Rensink and many more. They all discussed the fundamentals of DeFi, GameFi, NFTs and all sorts of blockchain and tech topics.
  • NFT gallery: One of the most memorable rooms from the conference, the NFT gallery was graced by over 20 local and international NFT artists. Attendees also had the opportunity to check out one of the most famous NFT projects, CryptoPunks. 
  • Startup pitching competition: Opportunities were provided for DeFi, GameFi and NFT startups to showcase their project to the crypto venture funds and angel investors present. Fifteen local and international startups participated in the pitching competition, from which two winners emerged. 

After the event, a VIP afterparty kicked off, promoting networking between VIP guests, project owners, leading tech and blockchain industry experts and crypto venture investors. It was hosted on the 37th Floor of the Tbilisi Axis Towers in a partnership with Wow Summit and Market Making Pro.

About DeGameFi

Having started from a monthly meetup series, DeGameFi was the first Georgian company to build upon the Web3 community and give fundamental knowledge to an audience about blockchain and the decentralized world. DeGameFi — coined by combining GameFi and DeFi — is set up with the sole purpose of connecting investors, creators, developers and all others involved in the blockchain industry around the world. 

Every gathering hosted by DeGameFi’s team has been dedicated to popularizing blockchain’s features and deepening knowledge. Meetups, Web3 hackathons, tech talks, workshops, sharing experiences as well as networking have made the DeGameFi team the first official community-based organization in the country.