DeGameFi – named by combining GameFi and DeFi — is connecting investors, creators, developers and all others involved in the industry around the world.

Having started from a monthly meetup series, DeGameFi was the first Georgian company to build upon the Web3 community and give fundamental knowledge to an audience about blockchain and the decentralized world. 

Every gathering hosted by DeGameFi’s team has been dedicated to popularizing blockchain’s features and deepening knowledge. Meetups, Web3 hackathons, tech talks, workshops, sharing experiences as well as networking has made the DeGameFi team the first official community-based organization in the country.

Georgia has so many reasons to be a crypto hub in the CIS Region, with the country becoming more popular by the day. Around 50,000 tech workers relocated to Georgia over the last couple of years, thousands of crypto freelancers are working internationally from Georgia, and the Georgian government is working on a legal framework to support crypto adoption in the country.

As the industry grows, so too do the opportunities for Web2 companies to move to blockchain, develop faster and go global. 

At the same time, DeGameFi’s team is fully oriented to help local companies transfer to Web3. This means DeGameFi is bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3 with full consulting services and planning strategies from scratch.

Attendees will meet DeGameFi’s Web2 partners at the business expo during the conference. One of these partners is Bank of Georgia — the country’s largest local bank and also the first to officially launch Web3 products.

DeGameFi will be hosting the Caucasus region’s first international Web3 conference on Oct. 22 and 23 in Tbilisi, Georgia. What makes this event so special is that attendees will be able to enter the Web3 world to the fullest.

The event will be divided into six main areas: the main conference hall, a business expo, a tech/edu room, an NFT gallery, a startup competition and VIP area.

During the conference, guests will be able to attend various gatherings, workshops, expos, tech talks and competitions, find interesting people and projects and get in touch with about innovative products and ideas.

This will be a great opportunity for businesses, VCs, local and international startups, artists, developers and all others involved in the industry to find opportunities to develop and reach their own success.