Community is the heart of any nonfungible token (NFT) project. While most communities are built around an NFT collection, DegenDAO has been a high-functioning decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) since 2021, long before announcing its first NFT collection. With over 5 million messages sent in the past year alone in its Discord server (averaging 14,000 messages per day), the community has been continuing to grow since the DAO’s inception. 

DegenDAO aims to launch a 5,555-NFT collection that will grant holders exclusive access to alpha calls and multisig treasury management, while 66% of the mint proceeds and 75% of the royalties will go to the DAO for the community to decide how it will be operated. If a project with a solid community is what you are after, look no further. DegenDAO is launching on Only1 on Jan. 27, 2023.

Only1 is the first social platform, backed by Animoca Brands, to enable creators to monetize on Web3 by issuing passes or a subscription model to gate content. Only1 also features a one-of-a-kind NFT launchpad that is 100% bot-free and fair.

The next big launch: DegenDAO

Launch details:

Launch date

Jan. 27, 2023, 12:00 UST


5,555 DegenDAO NFTs

Launch method

Raffle ticket for allocation

Price per raffle ticket

$25 (whitelist), $40 (standard); prices will be in Solana (SOL)

NFT per winning ticket

1 (losing tickets receive a full refund)

Max. ticket per wallet


Note: More details to be announced — stay tuned on Only1’s or DegenDAO’s Twitter pages.

About DegenDAO

DegenDAO is a premier decentralized autonomous organization on Solana. DegenDAO is community-led by its semi-doxxed owner, Tominator, for which the purpose is to reward community members by providing in-the-moment and long-term investment advice on NFTs and crypto, a solid network of possible connections and friends, and developing other advantages to make being part of the community enjoyable, exciting and enticing.

Having been around since early December 2021 with ever-increasing trust from the community and a nearly nonprofit passionate founding team, trust is central to DegenDAO. There have been plentiful donations from the community to the DAO treasury, which pays callers and developers, including large lump sums from the owner himself — a clear testimony of the community’s strength. The goal of the project is simple yet potent. It is to create a fully and totally decentralized and democratic DAO, with a voting platform and a multisig treasury wallet controlling 66% of the mint proceeds and 75% of the royalties under the control of a council of seven members.

What happens with the treasury? What will the project attempt? What will the project become? That’s up to the democratic processes of the community. Meanwhile, every member of DegenDAO, every holder of its NFTs, can continue to benefit from the plentiful rewards they already receive as being a part of their incredible community.

About Only1

Only1 is a Web3 social platform where creators earn, backed by Animoca Brands. Launching digital collectibles to gate access is a new and growing use case, but it is expensive, takes weeks and is difficult. Only1 enables any creator to launch passes (semi-fungible tokens) to gate content in 30 seconds for $0 and requires near-zero crypto experience. Learn more about how Only1 is bringing Web3 social to the masses and stay updated by following its Twitter here.