Dentacoin is the first integral Blockchain solution for the global dental industry. As a unique business model, it uses the natural shape and state of the existing industry and introduces efficiencies on specific problems. The mission of Dentacoin is to improve dental care and make it affordable for everyone. Through developing and implementing a number of Blockchain-based tools*, introducing two innovative dental clinic concepts** and the creation of a custom token*** which serves all products, Dentacoin sets the road to a revolution for the entire dental industry.

The Dentacoin Foundation is pleased to announce the success of a “Proof-of- Concept” Clinic, devoted to edentulous jaws (jaws without teeth) and fixed dental prosthesis (dental restorations which include dentures, crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, and veneers). The clinic concept relies on a variety of technological advances beyond blockchain integration and has achieved an almost unprecedented break-even after only one month of operation. 

The clinic, called F3T, is a pilot clinic which opened in London Stratford. The clinic is the first company entirely bought with cryptocurrency (Dentacoin). Dentacoin Foundation has created a unique concept, targeting to improve the dental industry globally. Through acquiring this innovative clinic concept, Dentacoin Foundation sets an entirely new standard in the dental industry in Europe. The combination of high quality care at a lower cost augmented by trusted patient reviews puts F3T Clinic on track to achieve above average earnings over the first year of operations.

Currently, the Dentacoin Foundation is developing another dental clinic concept, referred to as City Clinics. This clinic model specializes in basic dental care, but also utilizes significant computer technology to reduce cost and blockchain reviews to authenticate and improve results. Similar to F3T Clinic, City Clinic is targeting price-sensitive customers. A highly specialized education and training program has already been developed and will be offered to future licensees, should City Clinic prove to be as successful as F3T Clinic. The aim of the Dentacoin Foundation is to maintain its penetration pricing based on implementing innovative digital technologies and significantly increasing access to high-quality dental services for customers. Highest quality is maintained at lower operating costs through a fully digitally integrated clinic and laboratory concept.  Trustworthy and detailed dental treatment reviews, given through the Blockchain-based Trusted Review Platform, which is another tool developed by Dentacoin, is further available to patients and are intended to increase market share beyond that achieved by lower price points for services.

All tools, already developed or further-developed by Dentacoin Foundation, as well as F3T Dental Clinic and the future City Clinic concept, are to be served by a custom token, called Dentacoin (DCN). Dentacoin token is based on the reward economic model, given to patients who provide reviews or participate in any value-creating activity through the developed tools.  Patients, who own Dentacoin, can either exchange the cryptocurrency on any of five international exchanges where Dentacoin is already tradable, or use the equivalent to pay for actual dental treatments or in future to buy dental care products or pay for their dental insurance.  

The Dentacoin Foundation believes the use of block chain applications and the use of Dentacoins as a currency will play a decisive role in the success of the concept. They report that there is already a waiting list of dentists from the USA, Australia and Europe who want to implement the Dentacoin concept as independent dentists without the technological advances of F3T and City. When fully implemented, all Dentacoin Foundation blockchain applications will be available free of charge and royalty to every dentist and patient worldwide.

*Among the first tools on the Roadmap of Dentacoin are: Trusted Review Platform (already functioning), AfterCare App (to be launched in beta in September), Webapp for collective customer intelligence (to be launched in beta in September), a “Hippocratic” Dental Insurance Model, Trading Platform, HealthCare Database.

** F3T Clinic and City Clinic Concepts, developed as pilot-clinic- concepts, Blockchain-integrated, highly efficient, as future models for the global dental industry.

*** Dentacoin ERC20 token is already traded on international exchange platforms and has a market price exceeding the calculated fundamental price.

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