While many folks around the nation are facing medical or financial hardships, our staff wanted to find a way we could give back to those in need. Our solution was DerpCon 2020, a new Premier Cyber Security Conference for the Denver Area. We may not be able to be on the front lines of this crisis, but we can use our efforts to provide an exciting information security conference to share knowledge and passion with our community. Most importantly, we can help those in need through donations from kind-hearted infosec individuals from all over.


Workshops: Thursday will consist of multiple paid workshops on topics ranging from exploit development to digital forensics and all proceeds will go to charity.  

The Conference: Friday will consist of multiple tracks of live speakers from throughout the Cyber Security community.  Talks are focused around three different tracks, the offensive and defensive perspectives of information security, as well as tales from the digital trenches as told by actual Cyber Security professionals.  All talks will be accompanied with a live Q&A session from the talk host.  

Capture the Flag:  Friday will also feature four different Capture the Flag competitions.  Each CTF will have its own theme, from taking on the Tiger King to hacking back against pandemic profiteers. 

Online admission is free, with an optional donation going to the Colorado COVID Relief Fund.  Additionally, all proceeds generated from workshop and con swag sales will be donated to the Fund. 

Anyone interested can register and optionally donate via Eventbrite, or for more details on the conference, visit derpcon.io