After Bitcoin success, an entire industry grown around it the cryptocurrency industry. A cryptocurrency is defined as being a digital asset designed to work as way of exchange money using cryptography to secure the transactions.

Detector is an ETH based cryptocurrency with its main purpose to monitor the cryptocurrencies and betting markets. The Detector project will have an Altcoin Intelligence Bot which will analyze certain charts and then send the result to the Detector users. The Detector will also monitor certain football matches to see if there’s any suspicious betting patterns or for matches where the odds drop faster than normal.

Their platform is free to use a few more days until they will switch to a subscription based model. The Detector team claims that by using their bot, the daily profit is at least 17% per day or even more. For interested investors, they have created an ICO which they plan to take it live on 20th August 2017. The total amount of DTCT tokens issued on the ICO is 10 million with an exchange rate of 1 Ethereum for 700 DTCT. The ICO will be live for over a month so buy it while it’s still cheap.

Their ICO purpose is to create a fully automated bot which will notify the users regarding certain cryptocurrency investment decision like what cryptocurrency to buy and when. The service will be a subscription based one. The Detector ICO accepts only Ethereum and the total supply of the Detector Tokens is 12 million, according to their whitepaper.

Starting September 2017, Detector team plans to develop a SureBet Detector in order to help their users gain a guaranteed profit. Still in September, they’re planning to create a social betting and trading network. While in October 2017, they plan to create an automatic investing and betting bot so you can make money while you sleep.

The Detector Project sounds like a solid idea and if their market intelligence bot will work properly, it will probably revolutionize the cryptocurrency world as we know it.

Company name: DetectorToken

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Company contacts: Tomasz Mazur