Hollywood (FL) - Today DIB Funding, Inc., the creators of the digital currency known as DIBCOIN, is proud to announce a billion-dollar liquidity partnership with Digitas Bank (website). This partnership will immediately give present and future DIBCOIN holders the ability to deposit and withdraw DIBCOIN and FIAT currency in a single transaction and with complete financial privacy.

Digitas Bank is the world's largest anonymous bank. With representative offices in more than 20 countries, Digitas Bank offers its account holders complete financial anonymity, as it is a fully-licensed and insured Hedge Fund that is authorized to provide banking services to its clients.

The partnership between DIBCOIN and Digitas Bank offers the following benefits to account holders:

  • complete anonymous banking in any currency
  • the ability to deposit or withdraw up to $100 Million USD per day, per account
  • low pricing for retail services including wire transfers and debit/credit card deposits
  • the DIBCARD: a truly anonymous debit card for everyday purchases
  • All DIBCOIN held by Digitas Bank will be fully insured

"Our long-term business plan was designed to address the inability to move funds between the crypto currency market and fiat based markets in a timely fashion,” stated Adam Petty, President and CEO of DIB Funding, Inc. “By accepting DIBCOIN as a depository item, and having the ability to immediately convert it to fiat currency, the partnership with Digitas Bank has already accomplished that goal.”

DIBCOIN and Digitas Bank have also partnered to release the DIBCARD--an anonymous VISA debit card that is linked to a Digitas Bank account. With annual spending limits of $750,000.00 USD, the DIBCARD can be loaded free of charge and used in any ATM or business that accepts VISA.

To launch DIBCOIN, Digitas Bank is offering a limited amount of DIBCOINS for sale at a 10% discounted price from the current market rate of $1.00. All purchased DIBCOINS will be credited to a newly-created Digitas Bank account at market rates, giving each account holder an instant appreciation of 10%. All new accounts will receive a free debit card and will be able to transact the funds immediately.

This limited offer is expected to sell out quickly, so it is recommended that interested parties visit a website to pre-order their DIBCOIN. The minimum order size is $5,000.00 USD and can be purchased using debit or credit card, wire transfer or BITCOIN transfer. All pre-orders will be invoiced and must be purchased within 72 hours to receive the discounted rate.

The private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 provides a safe harbor for forward-looking information made on the company’s behalf. All statements, other than statements of historical facts which address the company’s expectations of sources of capital or which express the company’s expectation for the future with respect to financial performance or operating strategies, can be identified as forward-looking statements. Such statements made by the company are based on knowledge of the environment in which it operates, but because of the factors previously listed, as well as other factors beyond control of the company, actual results may differ materially from the expectations expressed in the forward-looking statements.



Adam Petty

DIB Funding, Inc.


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